VedaPulse® program includes expert modules

Every specialist can choose the ones he needs for his work.

Diagnostic unit


Analysis of indicators of heart rate variability (HRV).


  • Analysis of the Constitution type according to Ayurveda and TCM;
  • Assessment of the Sattva-Rajas-Tamas Gunas ratio;
  • Assessment of Prana-Tejas-Ojas trends;
  • Analysis of the 10 pairs of Gunas (material qualities).


Analysis of holistic indices — stress, slagging, immunity, aging rate.


Dynamics of main health indexes during a specific assessment or comparison of several assessments.

Nonlinear dynamics

The program module allows you to study the chaotic nature of the heart rate, fluctuations in the recording process, fractal, self-similar structure of the ECG signal.

Organ Pulses (Meridians)

Analysis of the functional state of the organs and energy in 12 main meridians according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda.

Functional diagnosis

The module provides in-depth analysis of a disease reason by evaluating the functionality of human regulation systems or subdoshas, tissue (Dhatu) state and balance of 5 main elements (Pancha Maha Bhut)


Evaluation of energy in Raja centers (Chakras balance) that are related to internal organs. Additional chart creates a model of the bio-energy field.

Music of the Heart

Transforms heart rhythm into melody. Analysis of the consonance/dissonance balance and entropy (chaos/harmony).


Generate a list of genes to be checked on the base of the patient's constitutional type.



It is intended for exchanging results of the study between users of VedaPulse® Professional and VedaPulse® Home


Tongue Diagnosis

is a software module for the VedaPulse® Professional device. The module is developed for the qualitative analysis of the functional systems (organs) of the body from the perspective of different traditional health systems, such as Ayurveda, TCM and Tibetan medicine.



is a brand new software module by VedaPulse® which will help you to precisely evaluate spinal column condition. Osteopathy allows defining the connection between spinal pathologies and diseases of the internal organs with very high accuracy, thus assisting you in developing the most effective individual rehabilitation strategy for your clients.


Is a brand new module for functional diagnostics of pathological processes in musculoskeletal system and organs based on a safe and non-invasive method of medical thermography (thermal imaging).


Determine the risk of developing diseases and pathological conditions in vital body systems: gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, urinary, reproductive, endocrine, immune and detoxification systems.


Is a VedaPulse software module for assessing the condition of your patients, which allows you to identify the connection between the unique signs of the iris of the eye and diseases of internal organs, helping to determine the correct therapy protocols. With the help of the module, you will be able to independently master the holistic method of iridodiagnosis.

Rehabilitation unit

Diet Therapy

Detailed recommendations for a constitutionally balanced diet based on the naturopathic concept. Includes over 200 food products.

Software module

Herbal Encyclopedia

Allows a specialist to form a personalized herbal composition for the client after a 5-7 minute assessment of the heart rhythm.

Aroma Encyclopedia

Allows a specialist to form a personalized aroma composition for the client after a 5-7 minute assessment of the heart rhythm.

Food Supplements

Food Supplements Plan based on the naturopathic concept and individual constitution of a patient. Choose the companies you prefer.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga exercise plan based on individual constitution and current condition. Includes detailed description of asanas and the way to perform them.

Acupuncture (TCM)

Individual prescription for acupuncture based on assessment results – constitution and current physiological state.

Foot massage

Traditional Chinese massage of reflex zones of the foot.

Quantum Physiotherapy

Individual physiotherapeutic recommendations for the quantum treatment based on the VedaPulse® assessment.

Meditation (Biofeedback)

Intended for awakening patient’s inner reserves through breathing practices(qigong, pranayama).


Acupuncture prescriptions for the treatment, preventive measures and health improvement by influencing the points on the ear.


Synchronization of internal and external biorhythms on basis of TCM (“Zi Wu Liu Zhu” and “Ling Gui Ba Fa”) or Ayurveda (Circadian rhythms) algorithms.

EHF Therapy

It allows creating an individual EHF prescription for the treatment, prevention and health improvement with due consideration of the patient’s constitution.


This extension is designed to create a personified program for the work with the patient’s specific biologically active points using various Rakta Moksha procedures.

Cupping Therapy

“Cupping Therapy” module is intended for stimulation of the biologically active zones using vacuum cupping.


Module is intended to determine the individual characteristics of a person's lifestyle depending on the constitutional type of organism.

Thermal therapy

The module is developed to provide personified recommendations on the optimal temperature-humidity mode and the steaming mode for the steaming room (Swedana therapy)


Bioptron is a VedaPulse software module which offers a special personified physiotherapy program for specialists using BIOPTRON® Hyperpolarized medical light (HPL) in their health practice.