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Software module

Foot massage

Foot massage is designed for creating recommendations on Chinese restorative massage of foot reflex zones.
«Рефлекторный массаж стоп»

After the assessment, software automatically creates massage recipe, which includes:

  • Description of zones location and methods of massage;
  • Graphic illustration of the foot with marked zones for massage;
  • List of reflex zones that require massage.

Recipe can be generated for both general recovery of the functional state and for a particular disease. When dealing with a particular disease, first choose the disease type in the nosological filter, then the disease itself. This recipe can be saved as RTF (MS Office Word) format and then printed or saved on a patient’s flash drive. By using the recipe, specialists can give foot massage themselves or teach their clients to do it at the comfort of their home.

The expert module Foot massage was developed on the basis of the Chinese system of foot reflex zones massage. According to the system, each inner organ has a corresponding reflex zone on the foot. By activating these zones, self-regulation processes in the corresponding body systems are initiated. Chinese foot massage is a highly effective method for prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Who the Foot massage module is designed for

Foot massage module is designed for traditional medicine and wellbeing specialists.

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