What is VedaPulse®?

VedaPulse® is an HRV technology-based health analysis solution for specialists of complementary and alternative medicine.

We offer each specialist a personal solution based on individual tasks and requirements:

For a Naturopath

VedaPulse® is an expert system that allows a naturopath to perform express test of the functional state of the body, evaluate stress level and provide individual recommendations for rehabilitation, including diet, food supplements, aromatherapy, herbs and correction of lifestyle.

For an Acupuncture Specialist (TCM specialist)

VedaPulse® performs analysis of the “pulse of the organs”, evaluates bioenergy and helps create detailed acupuncture prescription with visualization of biologically active points location.

For an Ayurveda Specialist

VedaPulse® assesses Vikruti - Dosha and Subdosha balance, Agni Dhatu, balance of Pancha Mahabhuta, “Pulse of the organs” and helps forming recommendations for diet, herbal therapy, aromatherapy and lifestyle.

For a Health Coach

VedaPulse® allows performing express assessment of functional state of the body, evaluating stress level and helps provide individual recommendations for rehabilitation and monitor rehabilitation process.

VedaPulse® broadens the range of offered services by performing express analysis of the functional state of the body and creates rehabilitation recommendations, which can be used by any specialist of the wellness center. Treatment effect evaluation function is also available.

For a Massage and Bioenergy Specialist

VedaPulse® performs analysis of the “pulse of the organs”, biological energy levels and creates detailed visualized prescriptions for reflexology - foot massage, auriculotherapy and other methods.

VedaPulse® for Home Use

VedaPulse® modification is able to monitor your health state, keep health records and exchange this data with specialists for timely control and advice, as well as perform meditative and breathing training to jumpstart the processes of the body’s self-regulation.

For a Food Supplements Sales Agent

VedaPulse® evaluates functional state of a client and helps creating food supplements plan based on the client’s individual constitution and current health co ndition.

How It Works?

Electrical and mechanical occurrences happening in the heart form external characteristics of the pulse wave.
VedaPulse® analyzes the heart rate variability using mathematical methods.
It allows estimating functions of particular organs and systems, as well as the patient’s health state in general.


Which principles are used to analyze the heart rhythm?

Heart Rate Variability analysis method, which is the basis for the algorithms of the VedaPulse® system, is recommended by the European Society of Cardiology and North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology (1996).

How to use VedaPulse®?

Install the program and connect VedaPulse® to the computer.
Place electrodes on the wrists. Register cardio signal for 5 minutes.
The software evaluates functional health state and creates recommendations for individual rehabilitation program.

Learn more about VedaPulse® software

Curious to see how VedaPulse® software looks like? Would you like to learn more about the features and understand how the report results are displayed?

Training and technical support

We provide our users with the informational and technical support, as well as training on using the device. Initial training can be received from our technical support via Skype or from our partners in 17 countries all over the world.

International recognition of VedaPulse®