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Diet Therapy

Right food is the basis of a human health. The ancient truth – “A man is what he eats” - is still relevant these days. Moreover, today it becomes even more vital. This is exactly why right menu is what everyone needs. Diet Therapy is an software module for VedaPulse® Professional, designed to create detailed recommendations on a constitutionally balanced diet.

The Diet Therapy module contains two tabs:

Diet therapy is not the only way to health, as to maintain health, a complex approach for filling the body with energy should be used. For this purpose, we designed Diet Therapy module for the VedaPulse® Professional software. After testing the body on VedaPulse®, you receive information about each of the body systems and health as a whole. Next step is the diet therapy. By using Diet Therapy module, a specialist will be able to generate an individual selection of foods for each patient.

With the help of the Diet Therapy module everyone will be able to find out about products that should become a basis of their own menu, as well as to learn what foods it is better to give up. Such diet therapy based on Ayurvedic knowledge not only helps optimizing health state, but also become an effective complementary method in treatment of different diseases.

It has been long time ago when people first mentioned the importance of diet therapy for human health. The greatest healers have been noticing the benefits of the correct diet for many centuries. Today’s studies confirm this fact. The module allows creating a personal list of recommended or not recommended foods, which takes into account individual indices of a patient. At the same time, the basis of such diet therapy is the knowledge of constitutional types of a human body and influence of products on different diseases.

Moreover, other useful modules are designed to assess the state of the body. They help not only to create an individual menu that meets the needs of the body, but also to choose suitable asanas for those who practice yoga.

Features of the Diet therapy module

  • It allows to create detailed recommendations for a constitutionally balanced diet (taking into account Vikruti and seasonal cycles) for a certain patient;
  • Helps to regulate diet in accordance with patient’s needs in a certain disease (there are currently more than 160 common diseases according to ICD-10);
  • Provides individual food contraindications for the patient;
  • Includes the description of the following groups of products: fruits, vegetables, crops, beans, dairy, seeds, oils, spices and products of animal origin (more than 200 different products);
  • Software algorithm allows calculating individual grade of influence of a certain product on functional state of a patient and ranging them by strength of influence;
  • New section now available - Diet Constructor, which provides the ability to assess the effects of different cooking recipes in various conditions and diseases;
  • Now, graphics of the recipe effect on Dosha balance is added;
  • New index of the recipe benefits has been added;
  • New text content that is automatically generated after the assessmnet, describing the recipe effect on Doshas.

Who the Diet therapy module is designed for

Diet therapy module is designed for traditional medicine and wellbeing specialists.

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