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Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy module is intended for use by specialists in the field of Ayurveda, yoga therapy, physical therapy, post-traumatic rehabilitation and naturopathy.

Yoga Therapy - Only the Right Asanas

Yoga therapy is an ancient method of maintaining health and balancing energy of different organs and the whole body. However, not all asanas will bring the expected benefit if done without the preliminary test of the client's current functional state. Such test can be done with the VedaPulse device. Using the data received after the VedaPulse test, we can have an understanding of the client's current functional state. Several expert extensions of the VedaPulse device are designed to do it most effectively. Therefore, professionals practicing traditional Chinese medicine can use the Meridians extension to estimate the energy level of each of the twelve meridians (in the European terms – functional systems). Specialists in Ayurveda and Yoga can use another expert extension designed for analyzing the results received during the VedaPulse test. This extension allows identifying the most suitable asanas for the client, creating an individual program for Yoga therapy and identifying the asanas that are not recommended. This expert extension will be very helpful for Yoga and therapeutic physical training specialists, as well as naturopaths. Yoga therapy extension can be used by specialists and those who practice yoga on their own and wish to balance the energy level of the body and thus to improve health.

• Compiling individual recommendations for the therapeutic physical training based on Yoga practice (taking into account functional disorders defined by the VedaPulse device);

• Step-by-step unfolding of asanas supported by images and text instructions for a specialist and a patient, including the following steps:

  • starting the posture,
  • holding the posture,
  • completing the posture,
  • elements of a possible modification of the posture,
  • important actions that should not be missed when performing asana,
  • notes for Dosha,
  • Pranayama instructions.

• Automatic generation of the file or text instructions as a feedback for the client.

• Tracking the dynamics of the performed exercises by functional state indices. This can be done during the group classes in yoga studios, as well as in the offline regime (in the comfort of your home) through a system of remote monitoring by the VedaPulse Home device.

• The possibility to assess the asanas effect on general physiological processes and Dosha Balance.

• The Dosha Balance graph reflects the forces of influence of asanas compositions on individual Doshas in the form of arrows of efficacy, increase and decrease, where three arrows mean a potent asana composition, two are moderately acting, one is weak, no arrow means a neutral action.

• The scale of the Value index is also available, where the total usefulness is presented in the range from -10 to 10.

• The variants of the asanas effects are described in text format taking into account the current person's constitution and reflect possible effects on the body. It is necessary to clarify that the individual characteristics of a person and existing diseases should be taken into account.

*A graphic visualization of the asanas effect on Dosha balance and physiological processes, the scale of Value index and text content will be available only in the presence of the Constitution software module.

The Vedapulse team is grateful to the wonderful yoga instructor and Illustrator Lucia Lopez GarciCrespo (Mexico) for creating graphic images of asanas in the updated Yoga Therapy module.

Who will benefit from using this module?

Yoga Therapy module is primarily aimed at people who do not represent their life without yoga and healthy lifestyles. The module will allow them to make the right decision about choosing the optimal set of Asanas after objective analysis of the body state on VedaPulse software. In addition, the Yoga Therapу module will be useful for:

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