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Software module

Aroma encyclopedia

«Aroma encyclopedia» is a VedaPulse software module, which allows a specialist to form an individual aromatherapy program after a 5-7 minute assessment of the heart rhythm. It is based on the canonical description of essential oils from a position of Dravyaguna in Ayurvedic practice, Materia Medica in Chinese herbology and healing properties of herbs and essential oils from a position of clinical Western aromatherapy, herbal medicine and naturopathy.

Software module «Aroma Encyclopedia» consists of 2 sections and Aroma-respiratory training (ART)


Designed for a specialist to create a personalized aroma composition for a client to correct somatic and psychosomatic disorders. It is based on analysis of constitutional conformity, as well as strength and direction of essential oils energy.

«Aroma Encyclopedia»

A multi-level interactive guide, which allows detecting healing properties of a selected essential oil, based on analysis of classification adopted in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western clinical Aromachology.

«Aroma-respiratory training»

A unique technique combining aromatherapy, respiratory training and modern technologies of objective visualization of the person's functional state during therapy.


• Allows forming an individual aromatherapy program based on the assessment of adaptive resource of the client's regulation systems;

• Ranks essential substances by strength of influence on a client;

• Creates a mathematical model of an essential oil based on the canonical description of its properties (Rasa, Guna, Virya, Vipak, Karma, Dhatu, Dosha, Roga, Meridians, TCM syndromes);

• Assigns the color-marker to essential oils, depending on the constitutional compliance. It helps a specialist to create an individual aroma composition;

• Conducts comparative analysis of the properties of essential oils with the physiological parameters of the client on the basis of an objective assessment of heart rate to form an individual «aroma traffic light», i.e. three conceptual lists of herbs (red, yellow, green), which are used for the aroma formula composition;

• Additionally filters essential oils on the nosological principle, allows a specialist to take into account herbs properties for pathogenetic therapy of diseases to adjust the aroma composition due to existing chronic pathology of the client;

• Separates essential oils to different lists according to upper, middle and lower tones for more comfortable work;

• Compiles a description of different use for herbal essential oil (aroma lamps, inhalations, baths, massage, aroma pendants), which can be edited by a specialist according to a specific situation;

• Allows creating own set of templates for various diseases to simplify the compilation of aromatherapy program;

• Allows adding to Aroma-rating an aroma composition of commercial manufacturers or own essential oil, which is not on the list of program;

• Creates a report with a detailed description of aroma composition and a method of application which can be printed or sent by e-mail to the client;

• Assessment of the influence of the aroma composition on physiological processes and Dosha Balance;

• The Dosha Balance graph reflects the power of influence of the aroma composition on individual Doshas, in the form of arrows - power of influence, increase and decrease, where three arrows are a potent aroma composition, two are moderately acting, one is weak, no arrow reflects a neutral action;

• The scale of the Composition value index, where the total utility is presented in the range from -10 to 10. Where -10 is a negatively affecting /unbalancing effect, 0 is compensated/neutral, and +10 is the most positive;

• The variants of the influence of the aroma composition are described in text format taking into account the current person's constitution and reflect possible effects on the body. Should be clarified that it is necessary to consider individual characteristics of a person, their diseases and sensitivity to the ingredients of essential oils.

*A graphic visualization of the effect of an aroma composition on the Dosha balance, index of the usefulness of the aroma composition and text content will be available only in the presence of the Constitution software module.

Aroma-rating *The screenshot displays interface of the software

Aroma Encyclopedia

• reference information for a specialist in botanical nomenclature, including the commonly used name of a healing herb, its Latin and foreign names, family;

• provides detailed description of essential oil by its external signs and organoleptic properties;

• indicates traditional ways of obtaining essential oils from different parts of the herb;

• indicates chemical composition of essential oil, according to the latest data in aroma pharmacology;

• search for the necessary essential oil according to botanical index, fragrance description, methods of preparation and chemical composition.

aroma-encyclopedia*The screenshot displays interface of the software

• Forms a detailed description of the healing properties of herbal essential oil based on analysis of the latest scientific data in aromatherapy and phytopharmacology;

• Focuses the attention of a specialist on diseases, in which the effect of essential oil is proven;

• Describes the pharmacological ingredients contained in essential oil of healing herb;

• Allows searching for the necessary essential oils according to healing properties;

• Describes detailed contraindications for essential oils of healing herb;

• Allows multiple selection of herbal essential oils according to more than 64 pharmacological properties.

Aroma*The screenshot displays interface of the software

«Aroma-respiratory training»

*To carry out a session of aroma-respiratory training, "Meditation - Flower module". is required. In case you do not have it, please contact us to order.

• ART-technology combines three important processes in the work of an aromatherapist:

  • development of individual scenario of respiratory training with altered phases of respiratory cycle;
  • formation of individual aroma composition, taking into account the client's constitution and current disease;
  • objective analysis of aromatherapy effectiveness in real time through the assessment of client's functional state by VedaPulse software.

• Features of the “Meditation” software module in conducting the ART:

  • adjustment of individual breathing pattern with the setting of time characteristics of inspiration phase, duration of the pause, expiration, expiration pause phase, which determine the volume and frequency of breathing maneuvers;
  • graphical and audial visualization of the change in respiratory phases, which facilitates a specialist and a client to monitor the correctness of ART;
  • visual part of training for the client in the form of a multimedia game (blossoming flower);
  • visual part for a specialist in the form of cardiointervalogram dynamics and HRV-signal;
  • real-time analysis of several complex indicators: level of the client's vital energy, level of stress, balance of recovery systems and mobilization of energy resources.
Aroma *The screenshot displays interface of the software

Who will benefit from using this module?

"Aroma Encyclopedia" is designed for all professionals, who use methods of traditional medicine in their practice and consult on a healthy lifestyle.

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