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“Constitution” is an expert module for "VedaPulse Professional" software. It was designed to identify the constitution type from the perspective of Ayurvedic medicine and modern approaches in physiology.

Module contains two tabs: Indexes and Balance.

Main indices tab contains four graphs: the Cost of adaptation, the Rate of biological aging, the Level of stressful tension and of the final index — the Index of morpho-functional condition. Also, this tab contains a text with the interpretation of physiological value of the indexes.

Cost of adaptation is an indicator of energy expenditures needed for the body to maintain homeostasis, i.e. how much energy is spent for maintenance of life. A healthy person uses from 30 to 50 percent of the energy when being relaxed, and the rest remains in reserve. The closer the Cost of adaptation approaches 100%, the less free reserves the body has, which he may need to adapt to any new situation. In this case one may face a sharp stability breakdown in the body.

The rapidity of biological aging is an indicator calculated on the basis of the theory of oxidative stress. This coefficient reflects the rate of oxidative processes in the body that affect the rate of aging. That is not an indicator of how old the man is but indicates how intense the aging process is in the moment of the survey being carried out.

The level of stressful tension is an indicator calculated on the basis of the formula of R. Baevsky, one of the pioneers of the Soviet Space Medicine, the author of the system of pre-nosological classification of states. The value of this indicator is that it can be used to quickly detect if a person is in a critical condition state— at the stage when there is a high probability of failure of adaptation mechanisms, which may be accompanied by crisis in the cardiovascular system. People often fail to detect the impendence of this pre-crisis stage because of their subjective perspective, that's why heart attacks and strokes can be so unexpected. Regular monitoring of the Level of stressful tension is a simple way to react to a dangerous situation in it’s early stage.

Index of morpho-functional condition — an integrated measure of the state of helth by the method of the chief developer of "VedaPulse" PhD O. Sorokin. It is calculated on the basis of several baselines: spectral analysis, average heart rate, stress tension, the mode amplitude and body mass index by Quetelet. This indicator can be considered as an integral indicator of health at the time of the examination. The maximum level is 100%.

Indices *Indices

Balance is perhaps the most important indicator, which is calculated in the program "VedaPulse Professional". This chart reflects the ratio of three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The ratio of three doshas is taken into account in creation of personalized recommendations in the modules included in the rehabilitation unit.

Border ranges:

  • 0-1 (yellow) — cachexia (kshaya), a high probability of physiological disorders;
  • 1-2 (light green) — the tendency to exhaustion, possible functional disorders;
  • 2-4 (green) — norm (when all three doshas are within this range, it is tridosha balance);
  • 4-5 (light green) — the tendency to tension, possible functional disorders;
  • 5-7 (pale red) — tension imbalance (vidhi), a high probability of physiological disorders;
  • 7-8,5 (bright red) — strong tension, which may cause crisis symptoms.

Also this tab contains information about the characteristics of the pulse: Vega (rate) Tala (rhythm), Bala (strength), Tamana – temperature of pulse (reflects the state of the digestive fire).

Balance *Balance

Who will benefit from using this module?

"Constitution" is designed for all professionals, who use methods of traditional medicine in their practice and consult on a healthy lifestyle.

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