Software module


“Lifestyle” is an expert software module for the “VedaPulse Professional” system. After the VedaPulse assessment, algorithms of the software identify one constitutional type out of ten types according to Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and generate personalized recommendations on correct lifestyle. Recommendations include daily regimen, diet, body care, nutritional advice, recommended physical activity, etc.

The first step on the way to restoration is a change or correction of one’s own life habits. Modern life dictates a fast tempo, the desire to catch everything, which inevitably leads to body tension and stress reactions. An understanding of the constitutional specialties of your organism, listening to it, following a proper daily routine, changing taste preferences and adjusting physical activity to peculiarities of your body will promote harmonization, return to Nature, and restore the reserve abilities of your organism and stress resistance.

«life Style»

Features of the “Lifestyle” module

  • provides an individual characteristic for a certain constitutional type with generation of a psychological portrait of a person and describes constitution predispositions to development of diseases;
  • allows a specialist to make recommendations on the daily regimen, nutrition and taste preferences;
  • generates an individual body care advice;
  • determines the type of physical activity and its specifics;
  • develops an ideal daily regimen according to the client’s constitution type.

To whom this module will be beneficial?

Software module “Lifestyle” was designed for all the specialists who use modalities of traditional medicine in their practice and counsel in the field of healthy lifestyle.

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