VedaPulse® - objective pulse reading (Nadi Pariksha) via HRV

VedaPulse® system is a perfect fit for any type of Ayurvedic practice, be it Panchakarma treatment or Marma therapy, herbal treatment or lifestyle correction (Dinacharya). Evaluate doshic, subdoshic balance, state of dhatu, balance of 5 main elements, along with estimation of Ojas/Tejas levels and Prana state.

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Physiological interpretation of Vata Subdoshas: Apana Vata (with English translation)

Watch an online lecture on physiological interpretation of Vata Subdoshas (no costs involved) and learn more about how the technology is bridging Ayurvedic traditional medicine and modern cardiological principle of HRV.

Why VedaPulse® is a perfect solution for an Ayurvedic practitioner?

VedaPulse® is a turnkey solution for anyone practicing Ayurveda and palpatory pulse diagnosis. Support your decisions with scientiufic technology that is designed with Ayurveda in mind.



Analysis of indicators of heart rate variability (HRV).


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