VedaPulse for Nutritionists and Preventive Medicine Specialists

VedaPulse Professional is an expert system for nutritionists and preventive medicine specialists, which allows you to check more than 100 parameters of functional state, identify current risks, draw up comprehensive protocols for taking nutraceuticals, correcting the diet pattern, as well as lifestyle and physical activity regime.

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Integrative nutritionists use the VedaPulse Professional System to functionally bio-hack the condition while monitoring their patients and clients to correct protocols and recommendations.

What risks can a nutritionist determine with the VedaPulse Professional system?

  • metabolic syndrome (cardiac risk)
  • insulin resistance (analogue of the homa index)
  • elevated cholesterol and triglycerides (impaired lipid metabolism)
  • endocrinological disorders (premenstrual syndrome, thyroid dysfunction)
  • autoimmune diseases (autoimmune thyroiditis)
  • gastrointestinal microbiota disorders (ibs syndrome, sibr, dysbiosis)
  • intestinal infections (giardiasis)
  • helicobacter pylori (chronic gastritis)
  • disorders of bile secretion (biliary dyskinesia, cholelithiasis)
  • fatty liver disease
  • opisthorchiasis
  • immune deficiency
  • chronic viral infections
  • urological disorders (cystitis, urolithiasis)
  • chronic fatigue syndrome (mitochondrial dysfunction)
  • skin diseases (atopic dermatitis)
  • lactase deficiency
  • gluten deficiency (celiac disease)

How VedaPulse® works?

The VedaPulse program analyses the functional state of the client after a five-minute heart rate recording and creates an individual rehabilitation program. The recommendations received are personally selected, the result of the assessment can be saved in catalogue format and sent to the client by e-mail or messenger, as well as printed out.

Screenshot of the VedaPulse Professional program
An example of the assessment of functional parameters of vital systems from the Biohacking module

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Save 1000$ with the Special VedaPulse configuration for a nutritionist

The dietician's configuration includes the VedaPulse Professional device and a range of expert software modules, carefully selected to help experts achieve the best results in their practice.


Provides the analysis of HRV indicators.

Food Supplemements

Selecting a functional diet to correct disease, taking into account the individual's constitution.


Risk assessment for the development of diseases and pathological conditions in vital body systems.

Diet therapy

Form detailed recommendations for a constitutionally balanced diet, taking into account individual health status and seasonal cycles for a particular patient. Assess the effects of a recipe on the human constitution.


Assessing the likelihood of genetic risk in clients and analyzing epigenetic compensation mechanisms for more than 500 different diseases.


Provide personalized advice on lifestyle (daily routine, diet, personal care, taste preferences, type of physical activity, etc.).


Assess key health indices: energy level, systemic inflammation threshold, slagging level, immune status, autonomic dysfunction, stress and ageing rate.

*The number and variety of modules can be changed at buyer’s request.

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