VedaPulse® for a Massage and Bioenergy Specialist

VedaPulse® will contribute to evaluating bioenergy levels of systems, organs and psychosomatic plexuses (Chakras), as well as restorative potential of the latter. By creating a mathematical model of the regional blood flow, VedaPulse® also forms individual recommendations for foot reflexology massage, which includes graphic atlas and description of the zones.

VedaPulse® Professional kit includes hardware and software configuration that consists of certain modules.


Recommended expert modules for bioenergy and massage practice


• Evaluation of energy in Raja-centers (Chakras) that are related to internal organs
• Energy field model (regional blood flow and restorative potential)

"Organ Pulses" (Meridians)

Evaluation of energy in 12 main meridians/functional systems

Foot massage

Individual recommendations for Chinese massage of the foot reflex zones.

How to see an effect from massage or contact-free bioenergy therapy?

Everyone knows that a gifted specialist can do miracles with his skills. Often people end up feeling born again. However, this is a subjective feeling. Not always people can feel the changes in their bodies right away. The questions is - how can we objectively measure the power of manual or contact-free manipulation?

There is a scientifically proven method called Heart Rate Variability. Scientific recognition and visual representation of the results is very important as it allows proving that it is possible to heal with bare hands. The most important thing is that it gives accurate and timely feedback to a specialist and better understanding of what is happening with his client’s body after a session.

The results you get are immediate. If you perform two express tests – before and after a session, you will be able to see the changes withing just 5 minutes. Doing regular tests and controlling the dynamics of functional state, you can see how your clients regain their health step by step. The parameters you show are also a part of the treatment. Clients are usually convinced by the dynamics of the Stress index. Today, this technique is successfully used by every VedaPulse user in daily practice.

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