Software Update of 10/23/23 — New Prakriti section within the Constitution software module


On the eve of Ayurveda Day, which will be celebrated worldwide on 11 November 2023, VedaPulse presents the latest software solution for identifying Prakriti based on the assessment of ten pairs of Gunas balance (material qualities) for Ayurveda specialists!

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New Prakriti tab in the Constitution software module

This is what VedaPulse users, practicing Ayurvedic healing system, have been waiting for! We announce the update of the Constitution software module — a new section Prakriti, which will automatically appear to all holders of the module after the software update.

The Prakriti term can be translated as "the primary creation". In Ayurveda Prakriti means the individual innate constitution of a person. There are three main methods of identifying Prakriti. The VedaPulse developers have implemented one of them in the updated Constitution module.