Acupuncture (+ VedaLaser 2.0)
  • Acupuncture (+ VedaLaser 2.0)

Laser acupuncture device ‘VedaLaser 2.0’

‘VedaLaser 2.0’ is a new high-tech device developed for practitioners of traditional medicine based on modern bioengineering technology. The device is intended to affect biologically active points (BAP) by laser and electropuncture methods. The device is most effective in working with the expert ‘Acupuncture’ module in the complex of ‘VedaPulse Professional’ kit, which makes personal acupuncture maps for the correction of the functional state and various pathologies.

Software module "Acupuncture"

Working with biologically active points is one of the oldest ways of influencing the human health. Zhen Jiu therapy is the most effective system of BAP treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. It includes two methods of working with BAPs: 針 Zhen – inserting the needles and Jiu 灸– warming up the point with moxas or cones. Currently there are many other methods of working with BAPs: electric current, laser and LED radiation, electromagnetic fields, etc. The Acupuncture module solves many tasks that a specialist faces. It is designed for creating an acupuncture prescription for treatment, prevention and general health improvement. The prescription is based on the individual constitution, meridional balance and biorhythmic peculiarities of a person.

Advantages of the’ VedaLaser 2.0’ device

  • Simple and intuitive control panel;
  • Ergonomic body design;
  • Two modes of laser operation: continuous, pulsed;
  • Adjustable intensity of electrical stimulation (9 modes);
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (no more batteries!) via Type-C cable;
  • Display of the charge level and intensity of the ES on the LCD display;
  • Two replaceable handpieces.

Technical characteristics of the ‘VedaLaser 2.0’ device

  • Product Name: Electronic Acupuncture Pen
  • Intensity of electrical stimulation: 1-9 c. u.
  • Laser radiation wavelength: 0.63± 0.65 microns
  • Laser operation mode: continuous, pulsed
  • Laser output power: no more than 3.0 MW
  • Maximum power density of laser radiation in the output plane: at least 100 MW/cm2
  • Power supply: DC 3.7V (lithium-ion battery 800 mAh)
  • Charger: 5V/1A
  • Weight: 0.084 kg
  • Size: 200x40x29 mm

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Acupuncture (+ VedaLaser 2.0)

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