VedaPulse® for a Yoga Instructor (yoga therapy practitioner)

VedaPulse® Professional is an expert system intended for assessing the constitution type of a person and creating an individual diet, lifestyle and yoga plan. VedaPulse® Professional is there for showing your clients the effects of yoga and pranayama in dynamics.

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Getting a clear picture of the client’s condition before and after doing yoga is one of the musts for a yoga practitioner. Most yogis make their decisions basing on the client’s feedback only (if there is any feeling of discomfort or pain when doing asanas), while it is important to get an unbiased idea about the body’s state, and it is perfect if yoga master has an objective visual representation of what is going on in the body, the effects of doing yoga, all the benefits and health progress. This ensures making timely change in asana choice, as well as intensity and structure of a yoga class. The personified care for your clients evokes the real trust in them to follow your advice.


Use VedaPulse® to:

Assess the functional state of the body basing on modern physiology, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine approach;

Identify the constitution type of your client (dosha and subdosha balance), the energy in the Twelve meridians, the Primary elements balance, the energy in Seven chakras and bioenergy;

Create an individual yoga program for each client, taking into account his health history and current health status, including detailed description of each asana and instructions with illustrations;

Provide your client with individual health care recommendations created by the VedaPulse® Professional program based on the analysis of the current functional state;

Show your client the effectiveness of doing yoga under your guidance in clear indices and graphs;

Monitor the rehabilitation dynamics. Computed pulse diagnosis done before and after the course of treatment with yoga allows tracing the change in the functional state and analyzing the health dynamics.

Why use VedaPulse® in yoga practice?


Start the initial client admission with an instrumental pulse diagnosis. The assessment takes only 5 to 10 minutes and helps register the health status before and after the series of yoga classes, which makes it possible to see the health dynamics in real, choose the appropriate asanas and supplement them with recommendations for lifestyle correction and diet within a complex rehabilitation program.

yoga Screenshot from the VedaPulse® Professional program
The Yoga Therapy module

VedaPulse® scientific background


VedaPulse® combines the insights of modern science and traditional medicine, which makes it a powerful tool for analyzing the functionality of the body and creating personified rehabilitation programs. The device was designed basing on the method of heart rate variability (HRV) analysis and the theory of the functional systems developed by Prof. P.K.Anokhin (USSR). The HRV method is officially recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, as well as the European Society of Cardiology and the North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology.

VedaPulse® diagnosis technology was derived from the Seven levels of pulse theory taught by Dr. Vasant Lad, as well as canonical treatises such as Yoga Ratnakar.

More than 5000 specialists of Ayurveda, TCM and naturopathy from 54 countries of the world use VedaPulse® daily in their practice.

To validate the algorithms used in the program, the developers of VedaPulse® co-organized a clinical study together with the major Ayurvedic university of India (Kerala) – Amrita University.

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Software modules by VedaPulse®
for a yoga instructor (yoga therapy practitioner)

Professional VedaPulse® kit for yoga practitioners includes the VedaPulse® data entry device and a variety of software modules, which can be changed depending on your needs:


Yoga Therapy

Plan yoga classes taking into account the constitution type and current health problems in your client.



  • Find the imbalances in the psychosomatic plexuses (Chakras) during consultations and at the therapeutic sessions;
  • Evaluate the rehabilitation potential of the body.

Diet Therapy

Provide your clients with detailed recommendations on a balanced diet for different types of constitution.



Shape a perfect daily regime for your client basing on his constitution type.


Herbal Encyclopedia

Create personalized herbal compositions for your clients basing on mathematical algorithms of VedaPulse® programmed to select plants by their medicinal properties described in canonic texts.

* The number and variety of modules can be changed at buyer’s request.

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