How VedaPulse® works?


Functional systems

According to the theory of functional systems (by prof. P. Anokhin), the heart rate reflects the activity of all organs and systems in the body. The heart is a integral part of each functional system.


The heart knows everything!

Pacemaker cells located in the heart receive information from the functional systems and generate an electrical charge that forces the heart to direct the blood along the vessels. This process modulates the heart rhythm and nature of the pulse wave according to the disorders in the functional systems.


How VedaPulse® works?

By registering the biopotentials generated in the heart and performing HRV mathematical analysis, VedaPulse® reads the rhythm of organs and functional systems, meridians, regulation systems, and other vital parameters.


Classic pulse diagnosis

For thousands of years, pulse diagnosis specialists were mastering empirical reading of the organs' state through the pulse.


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