Only in March 4 VedaPulse software modules with a 15% discount!


Take advantage of a favorable offer for specialists engaging the VedaPulse Professional system in their practice. In March, you can order the most popular software modules - Herbal Encyclopedia, Aroma Encyclopedia, Food supplements and EpiGenetics with a 15% discount on each module or save as much as 25% with a one-time purchase of all the 4 listed modules.

With the help of Herbal Encyclopedia module you can easily form a personalized herbal blend for a patient based on mathematical algorithms that take into account the canonical description of medicinal plants (DravyaGuna in Ayurvedic practice, Materia Medica in Chinese herbology, medicinal properties of the plant from the standpoint of clinical Western herbal therapy and naturopathy). The module contains 2 large sections - Herbal rating and Herbal encyclopedia.

Select essential oils for the correction of somatic disorders and psychoemotional conditions based on the constitutional characteristics of a client and taking into account therapeutic properties of essential oils from the standpoint of clinical Western aromatherapy, herbal therapy and naturopathy. Aroma Encyclopedia software module consists of 2 sections - Aroma rating and Aroma encyclopedia, plus technique of Aroma-respiratory training.

Food supplements software module will help to assess objectively the current state of a person and introduce correctly additional sources of nutrients into the daily food pattern - protein, amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, that the body needs at the present moment. The module includes a list of 29 manufacturing companies, with a detailed description of their products.

Determine the probability of genetic risks in clients and analyze the epigenetic mechanisms of compensation for more than 500 different diseases with the EpiGenetics software module. The module will be useful to all specialists practicing in the field of healthy lifestyle, who want to expand their diagnostic capabilities with the help of modern methods.

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