VedaPulse software update from 30/03/2023


In the updated VedaPulse software version, new functionality has been added and software has been optimized:

  • Added new functionality of the Constitution software module;
  • Added new functionality of the Diet Therapy software module;
  • Updated the list of products in the Food Supplements software module;
  • Accelerated data loading;
  • Updated software interface.

The software update does not require any payment. It is recommended for installation and is available by link for all users of the VedaPulse Professional device.

Constitution software module update


A new tab Indices-2 has been added, where the indices Energy Level, Inflammatory threshold and a new chart General health status are displayed.

For a complex perception, the indices in the diagram are named in terms reflecting their meaning explicitly:

  • Energy capacity level
  • Slagging level
  • Stress tension level
  • Integral state of the immune system
  • Metabolism rate
  • Regulatory resource
  • Energy management balance
  • Metabolism resource

To facilitate comparison in the diagram, all indices are given to a single scale with the range from 0 to 10:

  • 0-2 – Decreased indicator level
  • 2-4 – Decrease tendency
  • 4-6 – Normal range
  • 6-8 – Tendency to excess
  • 8-10 – Increased indicator level

In the text field with descriptions of indices values, you can see the value of the General health status, calculated based on the assessment of the index levels of the chart as a whole and taking into account multidirectional trends.


The Indices tab has changed - the usual indices got new names, not only from the academic position, but holistic traditional medicine:

Diet Therapy software module update


In response to requests of our users, the ability to filter the list of recommended food items has been added, taking into account the standards of Mayer therapy. Austrian doctor Franz Xavier Mayer developed an author's wellness technique, which is used nowadays by diet specialists and nutritionists, since it is based on a holistic approach to human health.

To apply a new filter, select the item Mayer product filter in the section Metabolic disorders and endocrine diseases in the nosological filter.

Software interface update


Assessment tab is now located in the upper horizontal menu on the main software screen.

In the Specialist profile you can customize the headers of the report by uploading your images.

The first image will be placed on the first page of the report, the second - on the subsequent ones.


When uploading an image, please take into account the technical requirements:

  1. Image file format: jpg, png, bmp
  2. First page header resolution - 1500 х 180 pixels. Image is aligned at the left.
  3. Subsequent pages header resolution - 1500 х 80 pixels. Image is aligned to the center.

For both types of headers, the uploaded image will be scaled to the size of the corresponding header.

Food Supplements software module update

Extended descriptions for classical Ayurvedic preparation forms have been added - Churna, Quatha, Guti-Vati, Asava-Arishta, Avaleha, Taila.

Data download optimization

The process of opening a patient’s card has been accelerated by optimizing data loading and calculating results for convenience.

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