Only in February - VedaPulse software modules with a 15% discount!


In February, we have prepared as many as 5 profitable offers for health care specialists, working within the framework of integrative holistic medicine. For those who are ready to put into practice the methods of tongue diagnostics, restorative and relaxing foot massage, acupuncture and acupressure methods. Choose what is best for you, expand the possibilities of your practice and help patients even more effectively.

Software module Organ Pulses (Meridians) helps to identify precisely the leading pathological syndrome forms recommendations for its effective correction. 3 sections of the module will help to accurately diagnose and choose proper therapy:

  • Chinese scheme section contains a graph of the functional state of 12 vital organs according to Chinese traditional medicine (TCM);
  • Ayurvedic sheme presents 12 vital organs in accordance with the points for palpation of the organs pulse on the wrists, analyzing deep and superficial positions;
  • Clinical physiology/Atlas - here is visual image and detailed description of the state of the main organs and systems in the body, which simplifies the process of analyzing a patient's condition and diagnosis.

Foot massage is a module for creating recommendations on Chinese wellness massage of the foot reflexogenic zones. After assessment, the program automatically generate a recipe that includes:

  • A list of reflexogenic zones that need to be stimulated;
  • Description of the zones location and the method of massage;
  • Visual foot pattern with highlighted zones.

Stimulate those areas with the help of massage and start the process of self-regulation of the corresponding body systems.

Tongue diagnosis module solves the relevant issues that face a specialist working within the framework of traditional healing systems – Ayurveda, TCM, Tibetan medicine. Designed for qualitative analysis of the state of functional systems (organs). The software module allows you to determine the probability of pathological processes in organs and tissues based on the analysis of 24 projection areas of the tongue. The main innovation of this module is the algorithmic integration of objective pulse diagnosis data with visual tongue diagnosis data, which significantly increased the diagnostic value of both methods!

Biorhythms is a module for synchronizing the internal and external biorhythms of a patient. Synchronization of biorhythms allows you to balance the performance of the main functional systems in the body (cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, etc.) with natural rhythms. This strengthens the immune system and increases stress resistance.

The uniqueness of the Biorhythms software module lies in the use of both algorithms of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Ayurvedic approach.

By incorporating the Auriculotherapy module into practice, you will forget about difficulties in finding the biologically active points (BAP) on the ear auricle.

The module helps performing the following tasks:

  • Builds auriculotherapy maps with due regard to constitution, pathological state of organs and systems, and current energetic balance;
  • Create recommendations for 126 common diseases from ICD-10 list that can be selected in the nosological filter;
  • Navigate between the BAPs swiftly, all thanks to the interactivity of the recommendations;
  • Save the prescriptions with detailed recommendations for stimulation and illustrations of points for the entire course of treatment.

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