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Functional Diagnosis/Nidana

Functional Diagnosis/Nidana software module is an indispensable assistant for each and every wellness specialist, especially for those who practice Ayurvedic or Tibetan medicine. With the help of the module, you will accurately determine the primary cause of the disease by assessing the functioning of the body's regulatory systems (or 15 Subdoshas in Ayurveda), the state of tissues (7 Dhatus) and the balance of 5 primary elements (Pancha Maha Bhutas).

The module allows you to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the patient's condition and identify the root causes of disorders at the functional level before systemic changes in organs and tissues manifest themselves in the body.

Herbal Encyclopedia

Herbal Encyclopedia software module is designed to form a personalized herbal blend based on algorithms that take into account the canonical description of medicinal herbs from the position of DravyaGuna in Ayurveda, Materia Medica in Chinese herbology, and the medicinal properties of the plant in clinical Western phytotherapy and naturopathy.

The module allows you to easily form an optimal herbal composition taking into account the constitutional characteristics of a patient, assess the effect of herbal recipe on physiological processes and Dosha balance.

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