4 VedaPulse software modules with a 15% discount in May!


Diagnostic capabilities of your VedaPulse Professional system will increase significantly with the Meditation, Diet Therapy, Osteopathy and Foot Massage software modules! Your patients will benefit even more from personally selected diet and lifestyle recommendations! Hurry up and take advantage of the special offer, order modules at an attractive price with a 15% discount!


Do you practice meditative practices and breathing exercises (pranayama, qigong)? The Meditation software module will help you visualize the process and objectively assess the effectiveness of your practice.

Use 4 multimedia biofeedback plots — Flower of the heart, Cycle race track, The Force Awakens, Harmony of Chaos so as to conduct powerful meditation and harmonize the body. Conduct aroma respiratory training with the Flower of the heart plot using personally selected aroma compositions.

Nutritive moderation is the basis of healthy lifestyle and reliable way to increase the effectiveness of treatment for various diseases. Diet Therapy is an expert module for automatic compilation of detailed recommendations on a constitutionally balanced diet.

You can easily create a personal list of recommended or prohibited products for each client with the Diet Therapy software module. You will be also able to objectively assess the impact of a recipe on the general condition of a client.

Osteopathy software module will help you to identify the connection between spine pathology and diseases of internal organs with high accuracy. With the Osteopathy module, you will be able to test the presence of functional changes in 5 parts of the spine, identify the likelihood of dorsopathies, their conjugation with nerves and organs.

The module will help to determine the probability of a vertebro-visceral pathological connection, automatically generate a list of possible pathological abnormalities and indicate which diseases your patient is predisposed to develop.

Do you want to master the method of stimulating the reflex zones of the foot? With the Foot Massage software module, you can easily create an individual program for Chinese wellness massage of these zones. After the assessment, the program automatically creates a recipe that includes:

  • List of reflex zones that need to be stimulated;
  • Description of the zones location and the massage method;
  • A visual drawing of the foot with highlighted zones.

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