Release of the Indices module as part of the VedaPulse software update from 31/5/2023


In the updated VedaPulse software version, new functionality has been added and software has been optimized:

  • Block of indices for assessing a person’s functional state undergoes important additions and becomes a separate full-fledged module – Indices;
  • Added new functionality of the Constitution software module.

Please note that for all current users of the Constitution module, new Indices module will be added automatically
for free.

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Indices software module

All the familiar and newest health indices are submitted in a separate module. The module contains 3 tabs: Energy, Metabolism, Psychophysiology.


The Energy tab displays Energy level index and General health level chart.

The Energy level index clearly reflects the vitality supply. With the help of the index, various ranges of energy level changes are visualized.

General health level chart allows you to evaluate the main indices of the VedaPulse Professional program comprehensively, defines the "health range". The chart shows the following indices:


Metabolism tab contains 4 main health indices with interpretation of the physiological value of the data:


Psychophysiology tab contains 2 graphs: Stress level and Psychoemotional state (anger, anxiety, depression).

Stress level index reflects the presence of autonomic dysfunction in the regulation of internal organs, the severity of psychosomatic processes, the level of anxiety, the activity of stress-implementing systems, the presence of an oxidative stage of stress. Allows the specialist to evaluate objectively the effectiveness of anti-stress programs, clearly demonstrating the result to the patient.

Psychoemotional state chart allows you to determine the level of anxiety, depression, anger, and their nature, whether acute/reactive (e.g. reactive anxiety) or chronic.

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Constitution software module update

Now there are 2 sections in the module: Balance (Ayurveda) and Syndromes (TCM). Two sub tabs Gunas and Prana-Tejas-Ojas have been added to the Balance (Ayurveda) tab.

The Gunas sub tab reflects the state of the 3 Mental Gunas – Sattva, Rajas, Tamas – and their connection with Doshas. It consists of a text field and a pie chart. The text field gives information about the proportion of each Guna; if there is a predominant Guna, its description is given, as well as the manifestation of Dosha in that Guna.

The Prana-Tejas-Ojas sub tab assesses changes in the key mechanisms that regulate physiological functions, where Prana is associated with energy, Tejas with hormones and Ojas with immunity.

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Indices and Indices 2 tabs have been moved to the new Indices software module.

So as to get an update of the VedaPulse Professional program, download the new version by clicking the link and install it:

  • If you already have the Constitution software module, all the updates and new Indices module will be displayed automatically.
  • If you don't have the Constitution software module yet, and you are interested in the new Indices module, please contact us using the registration form or the contacts below.

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