New Nonlinear Dynamics software module release as part of the VedaPulse software update of September 8, 2023


In the updated distribution, the new Nonlinear Dynamics software module has been added, the software operation has been optimised.

Meet the new Nonlinear Dynamics software module. With this module you will be able to explore the chaotic nature of the heart rate, fluctuations in the recording process, fractal, self-similar structure of the ECG signal.

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Nonlinear Dynamics Module

The Nonlinear Dynamics module contains four sections: Phase Portrait (Dynamic Chaosogram), Wavelet Transform, Detrend Fluctuation Analysis, Entropy and Fractality. It will be useful in scientific research, as well as in the practice of all specialists using the principles of evidence-based medicine and counselling in the area of healthy lifestyle.

Learn more about the module.

Software update

To update the program, it is no longer necessary to manually download the distribution and uninstall the previous version. All the actions will be performed automatically by the software. After that, you can start installing the new version by clicking the New icon in the program window, or later by selecting the "Update and close" or "Update and restart" options in the pop-up window when closing the program.

Learn more about the update process.

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