Knowledge Day with VedaPulse: 20% off on all software modules


A new academic year traditionally begins in September, let's celebrate Knowledge Day with VedaPulse. Discover new knowledge about the patients' health with new modules – only in September you can order any software module with a 20% discount!

Over 17 years the company developers have been creating 30 unique software modules that meet the needs of wellness practitioners of various specialties. The range of recommendations covers such areas as herbal and aromatherapy, accupuncture, diet therapy, yoga therapy, respiratory practices, physiotherapy, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here are just a few of them:


Interested in new products? Test the latest Biohacking module! With this module you will be able to assess and compensate for the risks of developing more than 50 pathological conditions in the vital systems of the patient's body.

Have you always wanted to supplement rehabilitation programs with recommendations for the use of nutraceuticals? Increase the effect by introducing biologically active supplements and Ayurvedic formulations into the client's diet, selected individually with the help of the Food Supplements module!

Do you practice meditation and breathing exercises (pranayama, qigong)? The Meditation module will help you visualise the process and objectively assess the effectiveness of your practice.

Would you like to learn more about the modules? Leave a request and our managers will help you decide which modules will enhance your equipment, taking into account the practical targets that are covered by the VedaPulse Professional device.

We wish you success on the path of knowledge!

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