VedaPulse software modules up to 25% off!


In June, 5 popular software modules are taking part in the "Module of the Month" campaign. You can order any one of them with a 15% discount, or save up to 25% by ordering all 5 modules at once.


Do you practice meditative or breathing exercises (pranayama, qigong)? Meditation software module will help to visualize the process and objectively assess the effectiveness of your practice. Use 4 multimedia biofeedback plots — Flower of the heart, Cycle race track, The Force Awakens, Harmony of Chaos — conduct meditation and "streamline" the work of the body. Carry out aroma respiratory training with the Flower of the heart plot using personally selected aroma compositions.

Expert module for automatic generation of detailed recommendations for a constitutionally balanced diet. With the Diet Therapy software module, you can easily create a personal list of recommended or prohibited food items for each client, and also objectively assess the impact of a recipe on a client's general health condition.

Selection of essential oils for the correction of somatic disorders and psycho-emotional states based on the constitutional characteristics of the client and taking into account the therapeutic properties of essential oils from the point of view of clinical western aromatherapy, phytotherapy and naturopathy. Aroma Encyclopedia software module consists of 2 tabs: Aroma Rating, Aroma Encyclopedia along with Aroma Respiratory Training as an optional technique.

With this module, a specialist in Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Physiotherapy or Post-Trauma Rehabilitation will be able to easily create a programme of individual Yoga/ Physiotherapy classes taking into account a person's constitution and assess the impact of asanas on the physiological processes and Doshas balance.

Food Supplements software module will help to objectively assess the current state of a person and correctly introduce additional sources of nutrients into the daily diet - protein, amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fibre that the body needs at the current moment.

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