Best price for 4 software modules in July!


As part of the "Module of the Month" promotion, you can order Food Supplements, Osteopathy, EpiGenetics, Lifestyle software modules profitably. Choose any module and get 15% off, order all 4 and the discount goes up to 25%. Now is the time to enjoy this hot offer!


Food Supplements software module will help you to objectively assess the current status of a person, select dietary supplements taking into account the individual constitution of a person and their diseases, assess their impact on Dosha balance and general state of the body. With the help of this module, you will be able to properly introduce the extra sources of nutrients that the body needs right now in the daily diet.

With the EpiGenetics module you will be able to determine the likelihood of genetic risks in clients and analyze the epigenetic mechanisms of compensation for more than 500 different diseases. After the assessment, the program automatically generates a list of genes with high probability of a pathological polymorphism in this patient.

Osteopathy software module will help to identify the relationship between spinal pathology and diseases of internal organs with high accuracy and to determine the probability of vertebro-visceral pathological connection. The program automatically generates a list of possible pathological abnormalities and indicates which diseases your patient is predisposed to develop.

The Lifestyle module is designed to give personal recommendations on daily routine, type of food and taste preferences, body care, type of physical activity, etc. Using these recommendations, you can easily create an ideal daily routine characteristic of a particular constitution type.

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