VedaPulse: development of international scientific cooperation


Oleg V. Sorokin, the author of the VedaPulse technology and ideology, accepted an invitation and joined the editorial board of the International Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research (IJCDR). The journal is a scientific platform for publishing the papers of scientists in the field of Ayurvedic medicine from different countries, the publication is supervised by the Roganidana Vikruti Vigyana Association - the organizer of educational programs for bachelor and graduate students in the field of diagnosis of diseases (root causes of diseases in Ayurveda).

The purpose of the journal is to publish scientifically based papers with emphasis on interdisciplinary diagnosis, management and research in all branches of Ayurvedic medicine and allied traditional healing systems, coupled with modern scientific data in the field of natural and social sciences.

The journal focuses on Ayurvedic and modern medical research in the following areas:

We wish you success and fruitful collaboration in the new field!