Software update from 02/19/24. Atlas of projection zones of human internal organs in the Thermography module


In the updated Thermography module, a new Encyclopedia section has been added. The Encyclopedia section includes an anatomical atlas indicating the location of 150 diagnostic projection zones of internal organs on the human body. The location schemes are accompanied by a detailed description of the zones.

New payment options are available: pay for VedaPulse products with your MasterCard®


Good news for MasterCard holders. We are trying to make our store more convenient for you, so we have enabled a new payment option. Now you can pay for orders not only with a Visa but also with a MasterCard bank card of any bank operating in the territory of the Russian Federation.

VedaPulse Cyber Week – Cyber Deals are already here!


Be the first to get the best offer, only from January 29 to February 02 VedaPulse announces an unprecedented price reduction within the Cyber Week promotion! Meet the the lowest prices for the VedaPulse Professional device in the basic configuration and new products - 2 Special versions of the annual subscription for software modules. The best news is that the discounts are cumulative, which means your benefit will be more significant than ever!

VedaPulse – 2023: the results of the year


The VedaPulse Company wishes all of our colleagues and partners a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We appreciate and respect the community of professionals, which has been united by VedaPulse technology for more than 17 years, and their loyalty to the ideas of traditional medicine in helping patients.

Release of the new Iridology software module


Introducing the new functionality of the VedaPulse device - the Iridology software module. Iridology is designated for assessing the condition of your patients to identify the connection between the unique signs of the iris of the eye and diseases of internal organs, helping to determine the correct therapy protocols. With the help of the module, you will be able to independently master the holistic method of iridodiagnosis.

Software update from 12/05/2023


Introducing the new functionality of the Constitution software module — an online test for determining Prakriti — it allows a specialist to send a Prakriti test to a client in advance and not waste time answering questions during the consultation. The client takes the test at home, then the specialist uploads it to the program.

"Black Friday 2023": discounts are coming


Looking forward to the Black Friday sale? Now is the time! The best prices and special offers for all the new and current VedaPulse users are already here! Take advantage of favorable promotions from November 11 to November 26, 2023.

Software Update of 10/23/23 — New Prakriti section within the Constitution software module


On the eve of Ayurveda Day, which will be celebrated worldwide on 11 November 2023, VedaPulse presents the latest software solution for identifying Prakriti based on the assessment of ten pairs of Gunas balance (material qualities) for Ayurveda specialists!

We celebrate the World Ayurveda Day!


On the eve of the annual celebration of Ayurveda Day, which in 2023 will be celebrated around the world on 11th November, VedaPulse launches a promotion for new and current users.

New Nonlinear Dynamics software module release as part of the VedaPulse software update of September 8, 2023


In the updated distribution, the new Nonlinear Dynamics software module has been added, the software operation has been optimised.

Meet the new Nonlinear Dynamics software module. With this module you will be able to explore the chaotic nature of the heart rate, fluctuations in the recording process, fractal, self-similar structure of the ECG signal.

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