VedaPulse software update, April 30, 2019


List of changes:

  • New design of the Conclusion;
  • Pre-editing reports;
  • Update for the Supplements Encyclopedia module;
  • Update to the Constitution module;

VedaPulse seminars - 2019: practical knowledge for specialists in traditional medicine.


First quarter of 2019 is gone, and we would like to recap the events that we had during these 3 months.

VedaPulse results – 2018


Traditionally, in December we stay for a while to have a look back and share with you VedaPulse memories of the past year. Let’s remember the most vivid moments that will become history in a few days.

VedaPulse software update, October 26, 2018


List of changes:

  • Functionality of the "Lifestyle" module was updated;
  • "Aroma Encyclopedia" module was updated;
  • The Supplements Encyclopedia module was boosted with the canonic complex herbal formulations;

Pulse Reading Workshops on VedaPulse - Spain and Colombia, September, 2018 - Summary


September was rich in events for the VedaPulse company. Two seminars on pulse reading - in Madrid (Spain) and Bogota (Colombia) were the main events of the month.

New visit to India, new perspectives (August 2018)


August turned out to be a hot period for the VedaPulse Company. Business trip of Oleg V. Sorokin and his team to India was very productive. Two weeks of intensive workshops on pulse reading in the Indian cities of New Delhi and Pune were full of important events.

Recording of the webinar on Herbal Encyclopedia and Aroma Encyclopedia (05.09.2018)


On September 5, 2018 a webinar presenting new modules - Herbal Encyclopedia and Aroma Encyclopedia for the VedaPulse software was held.

Results of the seminar on pulse analysis in Beirut (Lebanon)


June 29-30, 2018 a seminar on pulse diagnostics was held in Beirut (Lebanon) for specialists practicing traditional methods of healing in the Middle East. 28 participants from Kuwait, Oman, Algeria, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Sudan and Lebanon have been studying the basics of working with the pulse diagnosis software – VedaPulse for 2 days.

Results of the seminar on pulse analysis "VedaPulse-2018", April 13-15, 2018, Moscow


On April 13-15, 2018, all-Russian seminar on pulse analysis "VedaPulse-2018" with participation of experts from Russia, India, Canada, Thailand, Lebanon, Israel, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan was held at the Congress center of VEGA Izmailovo hotel in Moscow. 60 specialists of traditional medicine within 3 days studied the basics of pulse reading in the framework of practical training and got acquainted with the clinical protocols of the analysis of health from the perspective of traditional healing systems (Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine).

Update in VedaPulse® dated May 15, 2018


  • A new software module Herbal Encyclopedia;
  • A new option of creating independent reports in the modules Lifestyle and Supplements Encyclopedia, presented in a new graphic style;
  • New supplement providers were added to the Supplements Encyclopedia module: Organic India (India), PURO (Netherlands), AyurvedaChurna, Beauty Park, ProSvet (Russia);
  • Specialist card was added to the modules.

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