New Nonlinear Dynamics software module release as part of the VedaPulse software update of September 8, 2023


In the updated distribution, the new Nonlinear Dynamics software module has been added, the software operation has been optimised.

Meet the new Nonlinear Dynamics software module. With this module you will be able to explore the chaotic nature of the heart rate, fluctuations in the recording process, fractal, self-similar structure of the ECG signal.

Knowledge Day with VedaPulse: 20% off on all software modules


A new academic year traditionally begins in September, let's celebrate Knowledge Day with VedaPulse. Discovere new knowledge about the patients' health with new modules – only in September you can order any software module with a 20% discount!

VedaPulse - 17 years on the market of applicative traditional medicine!


Thanks to the community of professionals and wellness specialists that has expanded over these years, we are constantly developing VedaPulse technologies to provide various experts with the widest possible range of diagnostic and rehabilitation tools to help their patients.

"1+1" Promotion: get two software modules - pay only for one!


In August, when ordering any VedaPulse Professional software module, you also get a second software module of your choice at an equivalent or less price as a GIFT!

Interview with a new business partner of VedaPulse


In July, our colleague from India, who recently joined the VedaPulse partner network, Jithin Ahuja, head of the Company for Promotion of Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation, visited the VedaPulse headquarters.

VedaPulse: development of international scientific cooperation


Oleg V. Sorokin, the author of the VedaPulse technology and ideology, accepted an invitation and joined the editorial board of the International Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research (IJCDR) /. The journal is a scientific platform for publishing the papers of scientists in the field of Ayurvedic medicine from different countries, the publication is supervised by the Roganidana Vikruti Vigyana Association - the organizer of educational programs for bachelor and graduate students in the field of diagnosis of diseases (root causes of diseases in Ayurveda).

Best price for 4 software modules in July!


As part of the "Module of the Month" promotion, you can order Food Supplements, Osteopathy, EpiGenetics, Lifestyle software modules profitably. Choose any module and get 15% off, order all 4 and the discount goes up to 25%. Now is the time to enjoy this hot offer!

Release of the new Biohacking software module as part of the VedaPulse software update as of 06/20/2023


In the updated VedaPulse distribution, a new Biohacking software module has been added and the software has been optimised.

Introducing the new Biohacking software module. With the module you will be able to assess and compensate the risks of developing more than 50 pathological conditions in the vital systems of a patient's body.

VedaPulse software modules up to 25% off!


In June, 5 popular software modules are taking part in the "Module of the Month" campaign. You can order any one of them with a 15% discount, or save up to 25% by ordering all 5 modules at once.

Release of the Indices module as part of the VedaPulse software update from 31/5/2023


In the updated VedaPulse software version, new functionality has been added and software has been optimized:

  • Block of indices for assessing a person’s functional state undergoes important additions and becomes a separate full-fledged module – Indices;
  • Added new functionality of the Constitution software module.

Please note that for all current users of the Constitution module, new Indices module will be added automatically for free.

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