Free webinars on holistic medicine from VedaPulse this October


We invite you to take part in VedaPulse online lectures on practical aspects of traditional medicine. Check out the schedule of webinars in October, choose the ones that will work for you. Fill out the short registration form on the event page to get a direct link to join the webinar. Enjoy the lecture!

Update of the VedaPulse® Software, June 23, 2020


VedaPulse is happy to announce the release of a new update of the software that brings tons of new helpful stuff to the users of the system!
In the updated version, you will get the enhanced functionality of the exisiting modules as well as new options:

  • Long-awaited update of Nidana module – new illustrations and descriptions
  • ECG recording and saving the data is now available even with the expired subscription
  • Email notifications now available in the Telemetry module
  • Dynamic changes of anthropometric data in the client’s card (new data entry available for every assessment)
  • Images of Planet Ayurveda products in the Supplements module have been added
  • Instant Search option in the Herbal Encyclopedia and Aroma Encyclopedia modules has been added

Upgrade your VedaPulse system with new modules this June, 15% discount on each of them!


In June, we went beyond the traditional “Module of the month” deal and instead of one, prepared as many as 4 profitable offers for health professionals who work within the framework of integrative holistic medicine approaches and use methods of restorative and relaxing massage, acupuncture and acupressure, leech therapy and reflexology. Use benefits of the June special offer, get new tools to expand your practice and help your patients even more effectively.

Special offers for VedaPulse modules in May 2020


VedaPulse is committed to keeping practitioners and their patients safe. The best we can do is to provide the users of the VedaPulse system with the tools that help to prevent the complications after different diseases, including viral. This May, we’re offering some great modules with discounts to help your practice and equip it with telemetric capabilities.

VedaPulse Results - 2019


VedaPulse team wishes a Happy New Year to all the people, involved in traditional medicine practices, our colleagues and partners! Due to your active participation and support we’ve managed to accomplish the major projects aimed at promotion of the ideas of traditional medicine. Now it is the time to summarize the outgoing year to see the picture of VedaPulse achievements of 2019, as well as to analyze the major focuses of the year to determine the new goals for the new year of 2020.

Release of a new VedaPulse software module “Thermal therapy”. Software update, November 18, 2019


List of changes:

  • New option of adding a client’s photo, files and comments to client cards.
  • Automatic generation of the Report.
  • New option of exporting client catalog to Excel file.
  • New module – ‘Thermal Therapy’

First international online Congress on pulse diagnosis PROPULSE 2019 Summary


Update of the VedaPulse software, September 10, 2019


List of changes:

  • Multi-level client catalogue
  • New module “Tongue diagnosis”
  • an extended list of companies in the “Supplements” module
  • a legend added to the Atlas tab of the “Organ pulses (Meridians)” module

VedaPulse company celebrates its 13th anniversary


On August 5-6, the VedaPulse team passed a 32 km water route in honor of the 13th birthday of the company along the Tom River, in the Kemerovo Region, Russia. The author and developer of the VedaPulse device, the founder of the company Oleg Sorokin led a team through his native haunts.

Results of the seminar on pulse analysis in Beirut, Lebanon 2019


On July 6-7, 2019 in Beirut (Lebanon) there was held an educational seminar on pulse diagnosis for specialists practicing traditional methods of healing in the Middle East. 25 participants from Kuwait, Oman, Syria, India, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon have successfully completed training in the basics of work with the VedaPulse device.

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