Interview with a new business partner of VedaPulse


In July, our colleague from India, who recently joined the VedaPulse partner network, Jithin Ahuja, head of the Company for Promotion of Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation, visited the VedaPulse headquarters.

We are pleased to publish the interview with Mr. Jithin Ahuja:

  • Interviewer: Could please introduce yourself?
  • Mr. Jithin: Okay. My name is Jithin. Our company has been dealing with laboratory equipment for last 20 years. We specialize in pre-clinical research equipments and stuff. I became interested in the VedaPulse technology, because in comparison with the devices of several American companies with which we have been working for many years, your device is able to analyze a much greater number of human health parameters based on the heart rate variability method, and this is impressive.
  • Interviewer: Before you decided to enter into a partnership with VedaPulse, did your company mainly deal with the market of equipment for Western medicine practitioners?
  • Mr. Jithin: Mostly because, as you know, in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, herbal raw materials used for medicines are safe and natural, and the issue of clinical testing for these medicines is not as acute as it is for artificially created new chemical compounds used in medicines in the western medicine market.
  • Interviewer: I see. So how did you find information about the VedaPulse device and the company?
  • Mr. Jithin: I have always been interested in percussion instruments - such as gongs, bells, singing bowls - and the healing effect of their sound on a person's well-being. Acoustic therapy, or sound-healing, is one of the most popular therapeutic areas in holistic medicine. I also came across a study by German scientists on the influence of certain frequencies on human health. The research data show that if these frequencies (some of which our ear can distinguish, some of which it cannot) are present in a musical piece of sound, listening to it has a positive effect on human health status and can be used in the complex therapy of diseases.
    I tried such music therapy myself. But being a “man of science”, I wondered if there were such devices for analyzing a person's condition, which could fix the state before and after the procedure, in order to objectively assess the effect of acoustic therapy. I also thought how great it would be to carry out 10 or 20 such assessments and, on the basis of these data, to set up and select the most appropriate sound therapy for a person. That's how I found articles about the Meditation software module for the VedaPulse device. Then I delved into the possibilities of the device, got acquainted with the Ayurvedic software modules and realized how cool this product is.
  • Interviewer: So, have you compared VedaPulse with similar devices?
  • Mr. Jithin: Of course, I have studied the market of similar devices, in particular 2 devices manufactured in India that work on pulse wave analysis to determine the Dosha balance - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. However, having studied physiology myself and having worked a lot with serious medical equipment, I understand the difference between analyzing ECG data using the HRV method and simple heart rate monitors. HRV is definitely more preferable, heart rate monitors are much less accurate in their readings, even the pressure of the sensor can distort the result, and they definitely do not have such a wide range of possibilities as VedaPulse.
    In addition, heart rate monitors do not know how to work with different pulse levels - Nadi Pariksha in Ayurveda. So, the choice was obvious to me.
  • Interviewer: Impressing, thank you for sharing your experience. Tell us a little about your plans for working with VedaPulse?
  • Mr. Jithin: I have undergone extensive technical training and my first plan is to introduce your equipment to Ayurvedic specialists in India, Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine (BAMS), my colleagues. We can assess their patients and compare them with the data obtained using traditional methods - observation, analysis, pulse diagnosis. If you count all the specialists of Ayurveda in Russia, it seems to me that only in one state of India there are as many, if not more. This is a very popular field of medicine, and I would like to see specialists in India expand the possibilities of their practice together with the VedaPulse equipment.

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