VedaPulse - 17 years on the market of applicative traditional medicine!


Thanks to the community of professionals and wellness specialists that has expanded over these years, we are constantly developing VedaPulse technologies to provide various experts with the widest possible range of diagnostic and rehabilitation tools to help their patients.

Special Extended Version

The milestone of 2023 was the launch of a fundamentally new product — Special Extended Version of the VedaPulse subscription becomes available. Device users will have access to 23 of the most demanded diagnostic and rehabilitation software modules for only 600$ during the whole year — almost unlimited functionality necessary for complex practice with a patient.

Indices software module

In 2023 the VedaPulse program has obtained important updates. The Indices software module was released. The Constitution software module has got new functionality. The "Indices" is now represented by 3 tabs: Energy, Metabolism, Psychophysiology. The Constitution module contains 2 tabs: Balance (Ayurveda) and Syndromes (TCM). Two sub-tabs called Gunas and Prana-Tejas-Ojas have been added to the Balance (Ayurveda) tab.

Biohacking software module

A new software module called Biohacking was introduced by the company in June. It allows our users to assess and compensate for the risk of developing more than 50 pathological conditions in the patient's vital systems: cardiovascular, urinary, reproductive, endocrine, immune, detox and gastrointestinal ones.

With this module, the VedaPulse user will be able to easily determine the degree of risk of a specific pathology for each patient according to 4 main zones: low, moderate, high and very high risk of development, as well as assess the overall stress in the corresponding system according to 100-point Integral State scale, which is easy to monitor in dynamics when analysing the effectiveness of the rehabilitation program.

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