Naturopathic configuration
  • Naturopathic configuration

VedaPulse® brings objective analysis of the functional state of the body to the table. Forget the guesswork with choosing the right approaches towards the health of your clients! Embrace the thought that now all your decisions are backed up with the VedaPulse® algorithms. Analyze and recommend various holistic modalities after a quick 5-minute check-up of the clients' heart rate variabi

  • Data entry device – computer accessory VedaPulse Professional
  • Basic software “Academic”
  • Expert module “Constitution”
  • Expert module "Organ pulses" (Meridians)
  • Expert module “Auriculotherapy”
  • Expert module “Foot massage”
  • Expert module “EHF therapy”
  • Expert module “Biorhythms”
  • Expert module “Herbal Encyclopedia”

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Naturopathic configuration

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