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Influence of essential oils on the human body is multifaceted – from the influence of pleasant aroma on emotional state, psychological state, physiological reactions of the body to health recovery and harmonization of well-being as a whole. The magic of aromatherapy is in its absolute naturalness and delicate influence on the body, unlocking of own resources and recovery. Individual approach is the basis of aromatherapy.
Aromatherapy is an expert extension to VedaPulseTM Professional. It is designed to select essential oils based on individual constitution of the client, his individual traits, and preferences to smells, psychological and emotional state and current conditions.

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Features of the Aromatherapy extension:

- Creation of a list of essential oils according to constitutional type of a certain client.
- Detailed description of the essential oil application method.
- Creation of essential oils rating with individual grade of influence on the body.
- Ability to choose medicinal plants based on the nosological filter in certain conditions and psychoemotional states.
- Creation of the list of essential oils that are not recommended for the client.
- Automatic creation of the report.

Basic functions of the Aromatherapy extension:

1. Creation of a list of essential oils according to constitutional type of a certain client.
After a 5-minute assessment, VedaPulse defines current constitution of the client based on his physiological tendencies. Then, algorithms of the software compare client’s constitution with the constitution of essential oils from the database and provide a list of recommendations to the specialist.

Working with this expert extension you will be in a process of constant learning of aromatherapy, because each medicinal plant in the software database receives a unique formula that is created based on the analysis of sources (Dravyaguna, Bhavaprakash, Materia Medica for Chinese Medicine). These sources describe properties of plants and essential oils. VedaPulse software algorithms take all of this into account to create recommendations for aromatherapy after an assessment.

2. Detailed description of the essential oils application method.
There are several methods of using and applying essential oils in aromatherapy. So, we described in details different methods of applying aroma oils for prevention and treatment by aromatherapy. These methods are massages, baths, compresses, aroma lamps, inhalations, sprays, ingestion. All of these are included in the software database.

3. Creation of essential oils rating with individual grade of influence on the body
Software algorithm is able to calculate the power with which the energy of plants’ aromatic substances and their qualities will influence the client’s energy to change pathological state. Thus, the list of aroma oils is additionally ranked, and each has its own rating. It is necessary to note that the power is not a constant. It varies following the changes that occur in the client. In repeated assessments it is reflected in the dynamics of indicators. This allows applying an individual approach when choosing aroma oils.

4. Ability to choose medicinal plants based on the nosological system filter
in certain conditions and psychoemotional states

We created a possibility to additionally rank aromatic substances of medicinal plants based not only on their constitution, but also on their influence on diseases that are verified by Western medicine. Nowadays the program is able to consider more than 160 conditions and pathological states according to International Classification of Diseases – ICD 10. It allows using aromatherapy in psychosomatic problems listed in the nosological system filter.

5. Creation of a list of essential oils that are not recommended for the client filter
Not all essential oils can be good for a client depending on his constitutional type and health state. Some oils can even be absolutely contraindicated. That is why program algorithm makes a separate list of unsuitable essential oils. It is highlighted in red, thus warning a specialist about advisability of prescription of these aroma oils’ types. At the same time it should be kept in mind that they are not forbidden essential oils. These oils are just healthless in this situation and for current functional state.

6. Automatic creation of the report
We have automated a series of functions that simplify creation of ‘paper-based’ recommendations for the client based on the data of the Aromatherapy extension before working with the shortcuts. It allows saving time of the consultation and quickly printing the needed recommendations.

Target audience

Aromatherapy expert extension will be useful for aromatherapy practitioners because it allows to select necessary single oils or mixtures of essential oils by making an individual composition for each client. Reflexologists can also use this extension: applying aroma oils selected constitutionally to the projection of acupuncture points. In order to do this, you should also use Reflexology expert extension. Aromatherapy module will be also useful for:


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