We bring together traditions and technology

18 – 21 of November 2016

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We offer everyone of you an opportunity to receive unique knowledge, be introduced to new technologies and skills at the main event for specialists of traditional medicine and our partners – “ProPulse-2016”

Event program is developed with the aim to solve your practical issues:

•    Remainsought-afterspecialist. Combined approach based on principles of three systems of traditional medicines (western, Ayurvedic and Chinese) and constitutional approach to every patient will turn you into a unique specialist and will teach creating effective rehabilitation programs for your clients.

•    Use modern methods in everyday practice. Introduction to the newest industry technologies and hands-on practice with modern equipment will open up new possibilities of pulse diagnosis for your work with patients and will increase financial outcomes.

•    Become a member of international professional community. Exchange experiences with specialists of traditional medicine from all over the world – from Canada to Australia.

•    Open new possibilities of working with VedaPulse equipment. Immersion intonuances of effective usage of VedaPulse equipment and results interpretation from the positions of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine.

•    Become a part of a global scientific experiment. You will become a part of research group that will try new features of computer pulse analysis and will be the first to know about VedaPulse 2.0, how technology changed the approach of working with patients and why the combination of western technologies and eastern knowledge is your professional future.

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Each forum participant will receive a 10% discount on the purchase of any VedaPulse product,
together with an expert extension at their choice as a gift!

Main experts

Oleg Sorokin–leading developer of VedaPulse technology, founder of Biokvant company, executive director of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association of Russia, candidate of medical science. He has been teaching clinical physiology in the Novosibirsk State Medical University for more than 15 years, combining it with the position of deputy dean. Oleg started his scientific career in the neuroimmunology lab at the Institute of Clinical Immunology within the Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Medical Science. Starting from 2003, he has been practicing Ayurvedic medicine and clinical phytotherapy. He is the author of more than 75 publications on clinical physiology and pulse analysis.

Thanks to his classic medical education, scientific approach to studying traditional medicine systems, as well as constant research both done on his own and together with world leaders, Oleg Sorokin is a unique teacher, professional, practicing doctor and expert who effectively combines western technologies and eastern wisdom.


Sergey Kosincev

Expert in TM/CAM, magister of metaphysical sciences R&E Inst., acupuncturist, candidate of medical sciences

Elena Yanovskaya

Associate Director of "KTI" and "Biotechprogress" group of companies, General Director of MedEO, LLC., leading lecturer on GDV technologies (from 2003). One of the leading developers of GDV software

Ilya Katygin

Commercial director

First International Forum «ProPulse – 2016»
Serbia – Belgrade
18-21 of November, 2016

We chose this country because you don’t need a visa to enter it, prices will surprise you in a good way and it is beautiful sights will add more of the nice memories to this event.

We recommend staying in «Hotel Moskva», where the forum will take place.

Booking and transit details

Registration fee – 250 EUR
Registration fee paid before 10th of October 2016 – 200 EUR

Our team

Anton Melnikov

Chief executive officer

Nina Shevchuk

Head of technical support and education department

Maria Sorokina

Deputy director of development department

Ivan Sobolev

Leading specialist of commercial department

Anastasia Nikonova

Specialist of technical support and education department