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VedaPulse for
dieticians and nutritionists

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VedaPulse for dieticians and nutritionists is an objective help in decision-making. The kit is made taking into account the needs of practitioners.

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The package of dieticians and nutritionists’ kit includes: VedaPulse Professional device, electrodes for signal registration, signal cable for connecting electrodes, USB cable for connecting to a computer, USB key, 6 software modules.

For dieticians and nutritionists practice

VedaPulse Professional is an expert system for assessing the functional state of a person. Dieticians and nutritionists use VedaPulse Professional to form detailed recommendations on a constitutionally balanced diet and lifestyle, assess the impact of individual products on a person, and visually compare the client's condition before and after following the recommendations received.

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Kit contains

More than 5,000 health experts, diet and naturopathy specialists from 60 countries all round the world use VedaPulse practically on a daily basis. With the author's VedaPulse algorithms, you will be able to conduct an objective assessment of the functional state of a client's body, determine the need for a preliminary detox program and form individual comprehensive diet recommendations based on the data obtained on a client's health status.

You will find the list of software modules for this offer below. They have been carefully selected to help the specialists achieve the best results.

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