Meditation (+ VedaPulse-TES)
  • Meditation (+ VedaPulse-TES)

VedaPulse-TES and Meditation software module

Meditation (Biofeedback) software module is designed for visualization and evaluation of the effectiveness of various techniques: breathing exercises (pranayama, Qi-Gong), autogenic training, yoga, etc.

Enhance the effect of your meditation practice with the TES therapy! Feel the transcendental meditation and endorphin boost almost immediately!

Combined use of the Meditation (Biofeedback) software module and the VedaPulse-TES is your key to objective evaluation the ANS balance, energy and stress levels during TES procedure.

Beta-endorphin production is activated in the brain within just 10-15 minutes after the start of the session. Its concentration increases significantly in the brain and blood, giving relaxing, sedative effect and contributing to deeper relaxation, that facilitates entry into transcendental states. With the help of the Meditation module, you will be able to visually assess and compare the dynamics of the client's condition before and after the TES procedure.

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Meditation (+ VedaPulse-TES)

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