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EpiGenetics is a module of the VedaPulse software and is designed for specialists of traditional medicine, practitioners of Ayurveda, TCM, herbal therapy, clinical nutrition, naturopathy and other traditional approaches to healing, who wish to expand their range of offered services by implementing modern precise methods of patients’ health evaluation.

Before opening EpiGenetics tab in the VedaPulse software, it is required to carry out the recording of the heart rhythm. It is held as usual: first goes the recording of the heart rhythm of the client in a state of relaxed wakefulness. It is desirable to carry it out in the first half of the day. After finishing the assessment and editing the artifacts if necessary, proceed to “EpiGenetics” tab. In this tab, the program automatically generates a list of genes, which are recommended to be checked.

Interface of the EpiGenetics module is presented in a form of a table. In the left column there is a list of genes that the program recommends to check. Genes are arranged in descending order with regards to the risk of the presence of changes in these genes; the top of the list in bold are the genes with the highest risk. Next to the gene’s name there is a number indicated in standard units that reflects the rating — the higher the number, the greater the likelihood of the presence of pathological polymorphism in this gene.


By clicking on any gene in the column on the left, a description of its functional importance, as well as a list of diseases and pathological conditions associated with it, will open.

If you are aware of the diseases of close relatives or client’s own diseases, you should to choose them in the nosological filter of the module. Thus the program shortens the list of genes, focusing the user's attention specifically on those genes that are associated with the current balance of doshas, TCM syndrome, functional state of organs and systems, and with this group of diseases. In case there are several diseases, you need to specify all these disease one by one and after reading the description of the proposed genes you can choose which one to send to the laboratory. To generate a list of genes for analysis, you need to tick them clicking on the check-box located next to gene’s name. Selected genes the program moves into the right bottom column of the table, forming an individual list of genes that are required to be analyzed.

Forming recommendations

Recommendation given in the genetics report should be of top priority for the client. After the systematic analysis of a functional state is carried out and you receive the results of the genetic analysis of the biological material, a forecast of the metabolic disorders that can lead to pathological conditions is to be made. After forming the recommendations on a healthy lifestyle, the recommendations on a regimen of exercises, functional nutrition and the administration of life-giving herbs are given, with the addition of other procedure that reduce the risks. This work is done by the consultants of the EpiGenetics project. That means that the end customer will not only receive a detailed report describing the risks of diseases and identifying genetic disorders, but also a comprehensive set of recommendations designed to minimize these risks.

One important nuance for practitioners - in the process of forming recommendations, professional field of expertise of the user (practitioner) is taken into account when forming the general complex of applied healing modalities. For example, if the user of the module is a practicing acupuncture specialist, the scientific consultants of EpiGenetics will help forming a course of acupuncture aimed at prevention of risks for the client. Any method practiced by the specialist can be include in the set of recommendations - physiotherapy, massage, hirudotherapy, aromatherapy, psychotherapy, etc. EpiGenetics project is integrated into other programs, which allows adjusting it to the tasks of a specific specialist.

We recommend using EpiGenetics as a method of first contact with clients, who are interested in maintaining their health and health of their families. Many diseases are hereditary (connected with the Prakruti of a person), and therefore EpiGenetics is a tool for family doctors — specialists, who is work with their clients on a constant basis, building a long-term relationship. In order to make this cooperation long-lasting and productive, we offer EpiGenetics program for deep and detailed study of every individual client. Even if the patient comes to a specialist with a problem of a local character, we recommend the specialist to offer genetic analysis. This will allow developing personalized rehabilitation program for each client.

Who will benefit from using this module?

"EpiGenetics" is designed for all professionals, who use methods of traditional medicine in their practice and consult on a healthy lifestyle.

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