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Your personal quantum physiotherapy

Bioptron is a VedaPulse software module which offers a special personified physiotherapy program for specialists using BIOPTRON® Hyperpolarized medical light (HPL) by Zepter company in their health practice.
After conducting an assessment, the software compiles a detailed individual light-acupuncture presciption for stimulation of particular zones with HPL. This prescription is based on classical clinical physiotherapy approach and includes marma and acupuncture points.

After finishing the assessment, choose one of the following options:

The first option is perfect for disease prevention in healthy people and people with insignificant functional disorders. Exposure according to the proposed recommendations will improve current functional state and initiate healing.

Choose a particular condition from the list

The second option is used when there is a specific condition. It also uses an individual approach in the selection of exposure zones. For example, exposure zones in hypertension will be different for different patients.

Physiotherapeutic prescription describes zones location and time of exposure. Interactive image of a human body shows the location of zones.
VedaPulse device does a precise test of a patient's health condition before and after application of BIOPTRON® Hypeprolarized light device. This greatly increases patient loyalty and trust by showing efficiency of BIOPTRON® Hypeprolarized light that brings the body in homeostasis.

World Recognition

Dear Colleagues, I would like to bring to notice the unique system of pulse analysis, which allows estimating functional condition of a person with high precision, based on the 5-minute recording of the heart rhythm - VedaPulse…

…I highly recommend using VedaPulse system to increase Bioptron sales and effectiveness of its application.

Sincerely yours,
Philip Zepter

Who will benefit from using this module?

Bioptron software module is designed for both - professionals, who use Zepter devices in their practice and consult on a healthy lifestyle.

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