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The hardware-software complex analyzes the language
of the heart rhythm and converts the data into quantitative
and qualitative indices that help to evaluate
the performance of individual organs and functional systems.

This is a real breakthrough. We
are the first to have learnt how
to objectively and quantitatively
evaluate the psycho-physiological
constitution of a person from
a TCM and Ayurveda standpoint
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We have managed to systematize and decipher the indices of the human body and, most importantly, to automate the generation of personalized recommendations to restore health. The impossible has become a reality today!

Dr. Oleg Sorokin

leading developer

Everything you need

in one technology:

Clearly demonstrates the state of the client's organs and systems

Clearly demonstrates the state of the client's organs and systems

Contains a rich guide to natural medicine modalities

Contains a rich guide to natural medicine modalities

Optimizes the process of telemetric client monitoring

Optimizes the process of telemetric client monitoring

Functional human health
through scientific analysis

Heart rate variability method

Throughout history, the classical human constitution has been assessed through analysis by palpation (pulse analysis). However, science evolves. We went ahead and developed an independent data source for clients' health state.

The technology of VedaPulse™ has united the merits of Eastern medicine and Western science.

Based on the results of many years of research, we have developed a modern analogue of classical pulse analysis, which is based on the analysis of heart rate variability. The HRV method is widely used in practice and is a computational-analytical method of complex health assessment. It clearly determines the state of the regulation mechanisms of human physiological functions.

This approach allows us to see the correlation between the systems of the whole body and helps to choose the most accurate approaches to health restoration.

The HRV method is academically accepted and validated by insurance medicine; it is also officially approved and recommended by the World Association of Cardiology and the North American Association of Pacing and Electrophysiology (1996).

High accuracy of indices

All measurement standards are complied with; the physical interpretation of data and their practical use are calculated automatically with the software, in which complex developer algorithms have been implemented.

Data you can rely on

The software automatically translates the client's heart rhythm language into correct recommendations for health recovery that every specialist can understand.

Wide range of data received

You can choose separate modalities and make high-quality individual selections based on the ancient canonical sources of Ayurvedic pharmacology ("Dravyaguna"), Chinese pharmacology ("Materia Medica") and the canons on acupuncture.

Kit contents

Objectivize your decisions


Conduct an objective assessment of the functional health of a client


Form recommendations on individual constitutional diet, herbal and aromatherapy, dietary supplements, yoga and many more.


Assess the constitutional characteristics of your clients

Delicate analysis

A non-invasive data obtaining method that greatly simplifies the process of collecting client information.

Objective assessment

By knowing the basic parameters of the body, you can easily make a scientifically correct conclusion.

Automated expert opinion

Download detailed constitutional reports and personalized health recovery programs.

Estimation of energy
in the 12 main meridians

Deep Vikruti analysis

Assessment of energy
in the chakras

Construction of energy
field model

Patient recovery dynamics

30 software modules to make
one accurate decision


personal herbal repertories selection according to the principles of Eastern and Western herbal therapy

Diet therapy

detailed recommendations for a constitutionally balanced diet


selection of essential oils for panchakarma and rasayana


selection of dietary supplements to correct the process of recovery


a yoga program taking into account the individual constitution and existing diseases


individual acupoint recommendations


a massage map for Chinese wellness massage of reflex zones of the foot


advice and recommendations on lifestyle and health recovery


visualization and evaluation of body biofeedback technique efficiency: breathing exercises (pranayama, qigong), auto-training, reiki, yoga, etc.


allows defining the connection between spinal pathologies

Do you practice naturopathy?

We recommend the following software modules: Diet therapy, Herbal therapy, Aromatherapy, Supplements, Yoga.

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A special tool in the hands
of a competent specialist




New knowledge

You do not have to learn the ancient knowledge of pulse analysis for years, when you have a reliable tool in your hands to obtain objective information about a person's functional health.


Confidence in decision-making

The accuracy of the data received from the device reaches 85%. VedaPulse™ will become a reliable addition to your knowledge and experience.


Optimizing working hours

Assessment time is around 5 minutes. All you have to do is fill out the client's card and read the necessary tabs of the modules. The software will automatically determine which body resources need attention.


New competency range

Expand your horizons and get new customers. You can master adjacent areas of traditional medicine and discover new facets of the possible.

Remote patient health monitoring

The platform offers a solution
for remote patient condition
monitoring through the Internet



An additional device, which is given by a doctor to a client for home use. The device records the client's indices, wherever he is, and sends them to the doctor, i.e. synchronizes data with VedaPulse™ Professional.

New generation telemetric function

The device allows you to monitor health indicators
remotely and to supervise the client at a distance.

01Monitor the client's recovery dynamics

02Adjust the health restoration program on time

03Mark the efficiency of completed procedures on charts

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