VedaPulse update from November 3, 2017


List of updates:

To start using the new features of the program, download the updated VedaPulse™ software .

1. Subscription system for software VedaPulse

Starting from November 2017, each user of VedaPulse HSK has the right to choose the most suitable way of working with it: to purchase an annual subscription for the updated version or to continue working with the old version without a subscription.

The advantage of having the software subscriptions is that the user gets access to the extended functionality and new modules, the ability to upgrade for free within a year.

Please note, if you do not want to upgrade to subscription model, you should use the old version of the software (without subscription). If you download the new installation kit without subscription, you will see the following window.

In order to start working with the new subscription version, please contact technical support and subscribe.
Users who previously started working on the module "Meridians" (“Organ pulse”) with the subscription, automatically switch to work with the new version of the program. You can check the terms of your subscription in the menu Options – My subscriptions.

Users who at the moment are not subscribed to the "Meridians" (Organ pulse) module and wish to switch to the subscription system, should send a request to the Technical Support Department at

The price of 1 year subscription is 120 USD / 100 EUR accordingly.

2. Heuristic analysis of the probability of balance of Doshas

Improved algorithms of the analysis of the probability of balance of the doshas now allow identifying the monotype, dual type and TriDosha type in percentages. In the old version (non-subscription), the algorithms have been identifying only one leading Dosha.
Quantitative indicators are displayed in the Balance tab.
According to the old algorithm, the program would relate this patient to a Pitta type; new improved heuristic algorithm is able to identify this condition as a Pitta-Kapha type with a probability of 80 %.

Another advantage of the new algorithm is the calculation of the probability of balance of doshas in non-obvious dual types. In this case, probabilities are estimated for 2 dual types at the same time.

The implementation of the heuristics analysis of balance of doshas is already reflected in the work of such modules as "Diet/Llifestyle", "Herbal therapy", "Aromatherapy", "Supplements" and "VedaGenetics", and will be integrated soon in the remaining modules of the program.

3. Updated version of the module "Lifestyle"

In the old version of the program, lifestyle recommendation were given only for 3 leading Doshas - Vata, Pitta, Kapha. In the new version of the program, lifestyle recommendations are given for each of the 10 basic types, including 3 monotypes (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), 6 dual types (Vata-Pitta, Vata-Kapha, Pitta-Vata, Pitta-Kapha, Kapha-Vata, Kapha-Pitta), and 1 balanced TriDosha types.
In the updated version of VedaPulse there is a choice of lifestyle for each type in case of the obvious probability of dual types.

New sections were developed:

4. The new module “VedaGenetics”

For the first time in the world on the basis of pulse analysis we have created a tool that will allow professionals of traditional medicine to select genes for testing based on the analysis of the balance of Doshas, Subdoshas, the state of the Dhatu (tissues) and channel energy (the module "Organ pulse").
Today genetic testing is the newest tool for analyzing health of the patient, which allows detecting predisposition to various diseases with maximum accuracy and timely generating detailed recommendations to prevent them. VedaGenetics is designed for specialists of traditional medicine, practitioners of Ayurveda, TCM, herbal therapy, clinical nutrition, naturopathy and other traditional approaches of healing, who wish to expand their health analysis capabilities using modern methods.

The program automatically generates a list of genes that should be analyzed in patients with detected constitution type, in which the probability of polymorphisms (changes) is high.

Nosological filter allows you to adjust the set of genes for analysis, according to the presence of a specific disease in a patient.

5. Updated version of the module “Meditation/ Flower”

In the old version of the program specialists were focusing exclusively on the dynamics of a flower in a guided meditation course. In the updated version, there is an opportunity to observe changes of the important quantitative indicators online. It can be: increase of the level of energy, decrease of the level of stressful tension, and also the balance of power, restoration and spending of energy. This offers the specialist a way to objectively assess the effectiveness of the meditative or breathing training.

In addition, there is a new important functional calibration of the duration of the respiratory cycle – the Breathing Timer.

In the old version, clients had the opportunity to use the biofeedback technology for the effective relaxation and breathing practices. In the process of conducting a meditation session it is important to maintain a certain rhythm of breathing, the structure of the respiratory cycle and duration of the respiratory act.

In the new version (by subscription) we added a breathing timer, which makes it easy to control and regulate the breathing during the meditation session.

6. Update of the module "Biorhythms"

We added a new tab – 60 individual points – the functionality of this module allows to carry out more personalized approach in the developing of the structure of reflexology recipe with the biorhythms of the person, divided by the leading Dosha.

7. Updated module "Organ pulse" (Meridians)

In the Ayurvedic scheme of the module you can see that the analysis of both absolute and relative values of energy of organs was added and the text table was amended.

Functioning of the “Atlas” was also updated, which allows analyzing the absolute and relative values of energy of various organs and systems simultaneously. There were also graphic elements added that are related to the absolute values (upper triangle) and the relative values (lower triangle) of energy of organs.

8. DoTERRA company was added to the "Supplement encyclopedia" module

DoTERRA international company - market leader in the production of essential oils of highest grade. Each doTERRA essential oil is thoroughly tested using a strict Protocol of quality CPTG Pure Therapeutic Grade®. Experienced users of essential oils appreciate the excellent standard of quality and effectiveness of doTERRA essential oils.

Now, users of VedaPulse can use the “Supplements” module for the selection of doTERRA products.