VedaPulse in Finland – A New Name in Pulse Diagnosis


After the arrival to Helsinki-Vantaa, we jumped in the car and headed to Tampere Town 170km away from Helsinki. Our goal was Frantsila Herbal Farm, where we planned to meet its owners and discuss the possibility of adding a module of their herbal products to VedaPulse software. Frantsila Organic Herb Farm is located in the heritage landscapes of Hämeenkyrö and cultivating herbs is the utmost concern of its owners. Its guiding principles can be summed up as “natural holistic care of the person and respect for the nature”. The Centre for Well-being is located at the heart of the organic farm surrounded by a stunning countryside and aims at giving renewed energy to the visitors to cope with the pressures in their lives.

We were honored to meet Virpi Raipala-Cormier, the owner of Fransila farm, a well-known and professional herbalist, and her husband Jim Cormier. After a productive discussion of our future cooperation, we headed to our first seminar that was held in the Frantsila Training Center. There were over 15 participants of different professions (phytotherapists, yoga teachers, reflexologists), who made it to the Center to obtain more knowledge about Ayurveda, Pulse Diagnosis and VedaPulse.

The next day, after the most relaxing sleep ever and a healthy breakfast, we were off to Helsinki for the next seminar devoted to VedapPulse and basics of Cardiointervalography.

During 5 hours Oleg Soroking was giving away all the secrets of Cardiointervalography, pulse diagnosis and the principles of VedaPulse operation for more than 25 participants of the seminar. Of course, some of the Ayurveda specialists were pretty skeptical about VedaPulse, but after several tests and comparing them with their own results of the pulse diagnosis, Oleg was stormed with questions about the technology and how it is possible to get such accurate results without palpation. Dr. Sorokin was also happy to announce that the Finnish version of VedaPulse is coming out this autumn.

As planned, day 3 seminar gathered the most sophisticated Ayurveda specialists and those who wanted to immerse themselves into VedaPulse “depths”. For 9 hours Oleg was speaking about pulse diagnosis, types and levels of pulse, methods of diagnosis, characteristics of the pulse and pulse movements (Gati). In addition, Dr. Sorokin has also touched on a topic of Ayurvedic phytotherapy, specifics of Doshas and subDoshas, descriptions of Vatta-, Pitta- and Kapha types, and many more.

After a long seminar, Dr. Sorokin had a rough time answering all the questions about his practice and VedaPulse, but no answer has been left unanswered! All participants were amused by the abilities of VedaPulse kit and we believe that it was the start of a new era in Finnish Ayurveda movement.

Biokvant Ltd. team had a very productive trip to Finland and thanks to all participants of the seminar and especially its organizer Kalevi Lehtonen (

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