VedaPulse EHF therapy

“VedaPulse EHF therapy” — expert system, consisting of the VedaPulse diagnostic unit and VedaEHF therapeutic device to equip the working place of professionals in EHF-physical therapy.

“VedaPulse EHF therapy” features:
- Development of individual EHF physiotherapy program, considering the features of the functional state of the patient;
- Evaluation of the functional state of internal organs and systems;
- EHF-therapy with a portable VedaEHF device.

- VedaPulse hardware and software system;
- EHF-therapy software module*;
- VedaEHF device for physiotherapy with the extremely high frequencies (EHF) application on biologically active points (BAP) and areas.

“VedaEHF” physiotherapy device can be purchased as a part of the “VedaPulse EHF therapy” expert system and separately from our website.

EHF physiotherapy in traditional medicine
*VedaPulse EHF therapy software complex is not suitable for other extensions