Leading developer of VedaPulse™ is honored with a highest award – Veda Brahma!


Annually, Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America (www.aapna.org) awards the best scientists, doctors and social activists, who significantly contribute to the development of Ayurveda in the world.

This year, the award went to several people and one of them is the Managing Director of National Ayurvedic Medical Association of Russia, developer of VedaPulse™ - Dr. Oleg Sorokin (MD, PhD, specialist in the field of Ayurveda, pulse analysis and clinical herbal therapy), who received the award in nomination “Veda Brahma”, which is presented for outstanding scientific inventions and great contribution to the development of Ayurveda. Dr. Sorokin is the first scientist, who has received this award for the past 5 years and the first Russian specialist to receive the award from AAPNA.

AAPNA Board of Directors in the person of its President, Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla, recognized an outstanding work of Dr. Sorokin on the development of the algorithms of Dosha balance analysis by the method of Heart Rate Variability as an important invention, which bridges Western technologies of the functional state analysis and clinical methods of pulse analysis used in Ayurveda.

Dr. Sorokin had started to develop Dosha balance analysis algorithms on the basis of HRV method since 2003. In 2006, he created a company, which continued R&D studies, and in 2008, the first prototype of the device that reads the heart rhythm was created. 2010 was the year, when Russian registration certificate for the medical device was obtained, and in 2013 – FDA registration on the territory of the US.

Left to to right: Shekhar Annambhotla (founder and president of AAPNA), Oleg Sorokin, Vijay K. Jain (member of AAPNA)

We would also like to mention Dr. Sorokin’s mastermind, Dr. Vasant Lad (BAM&S, MASc., Director, The Ayurvedic Institute, New Mexico, USA), who received Charaka Excellence Award for excellence in Ayurvedic teaching among other scientists and doctors. At the Conference, Dr. Lad read a lecture “The Ayurvedic Concept of Manovaha Srotas and its Disorders”.

Left to to right: Amrit Devgun, Robert Keith Wallace, Vijay K. Jain, Manohar Palakurti, Vasant Lad, Robert Schneider, Oleg Sorokin, Shekhar Annambhotla

Other scientists and doctors, who received awards this year:

We invite you to congratulate Dr. Oleg Sorokin and his VedaPulse™ team with this massive success!
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