Update of the VedaPulse® Software, December 10, 2020


In this update, new module and functions have been added:

To start using the new features of the software, download the Update.

Osteopathy - brand new software module

The major feature of the Osteopathy module is the detection of the functional vertebrogenic pathologies and defining the chances for pathological vertebrovisceral relations being present between vertebral pathology and organ disease, basing on the VedaPulse® heuristic algorithms.

After the assessment on the VedaPulse® device, the program algorithm colors each vertebra in a specific color depending on the condition: green – no functional pathology present, unless it is compensated; light green – a tendency to form chronic dorsopathy, the stage is characterized with an absence of clinical manifestations (the condition falls into the wide category of norm); yellow – chronic dorsopathy with metabolic changes in the intervertebral discs or vertebral joints, impaired process of ossification of the vertebral body with a tendency to develop osteopenia and osteoporosis. A tendency to pathological vertebrovisceral interconnections; pink – a tendency to exacerbation of the chronic dorsopathy; red – exacerbation of the chronic dorsopathy, possibly accompanied with pain syndrome. Next goes the analysis of vertebrovisceral connection with the projection on organs and possible pathologies.

The module includes illustrations and a detailed description for each vertebra (anatomical and physiological features, connection with the nerves and plexuses, possible pathological changes and relation to organs and functional systems involved in pathogenesis).

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Update of the Telemetry module

For your convenience, we’ve added an option of background downloading/uploading of the assessments in the Telemetry. Now, there is a separate window for checking the progress, which don’t interrupt your work with the software.


VedaPulse software loading time has been optimized.