Updating of the Yoga Therapy module as part of the new VedaPulse distribution from 01/09/2022


In the new VedaPulse distribution, the Yoga module has been updated with the ability to create recipes. These are asanas compositions that allow you to modify Dosha balance, improving the general condition of a person, along with the managing pathological conditions.

What's new?

  • Saving and downloading recipes;
  • Graphic visualization of the asana composition effect on Dosha balance;
  • New index of the recipe value;
  • Automatically generated text content describing the effect of the selected asana composition on the Doshas;
  • Added asana filter by pose type.

Asanas Value for Dosha balance

It became possible to assess the asanas effect on physiological processes in general and on Dosha Balance

Now the Dosha Balance graph reflects the forces of influence of asanas compositions on individual Doshas in the form of arrows of efficacy, increase and decrease, where three arrows mean a potent asana composition, two are moderately acting, one is weak, no arrow means a neutral action.

A scale of the Value index is also available, where the total usefulness is presented in the range from -10 to 10.

From 10 to 5 - Asanas with a pronounced positive effect.

From 5 to 3 – Asanas with a positive effect. It has a balancing effect on the Doshas.

From 3 to 1 – Asanas with a weak positive effect. Do not give any pronounced therapeutic effect.

From 1 to -1 – Asanas with neutral action.

From -1 to -3 – Asanas with a weak negative effect.

From -3 to -5 – Asanas with a negative effect. Have a negative impact. Not recommended for use.

From -5 to -10 – Asanas with a pronounced negative effect. They have a significant unbalancing effect even with short-term use. Highly not recommended for use.

The variants of the asanas effects are described in text format taking into account the current person’s constitution and reflect possible effects on the body. It is necessary to clarify that the individual characteristics of a person and existing diseases should be taken into account.

With the updated Yoga Therapy software module, you can easily create a personal list of recommended or prohibited asanas, evaluate the effect of the asana composition on the general condition of a patient.

*This update will be available only if you have Constitution software module.

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