Update of the Aroma Encyclopedia module as part of the VedaPulse software renewal from 04/07/2022


In the latest update of the VedaPulse software, we've added the Rating section, with the ability to create oil blends for correction of various diseases and pathological conditions associated with Dosha imbalances:

  • Now you can visualize the effect of essential oil on Dosha balance;
  • Use a new index showing the value of the aroma composition;
  • Benefit from automated text content that describes the effect of the blend on the Doshas.

Value of the oil blend for Dosha balance

Install a new software version and see the effect of the whole oil blend on physiological processes and Dosha Balance

Now the Dosha Balance graph reflects the effect of the oil blends on Doshas, in the form of arrows of efficacy, ascending and descending, where three arrows mean the most potent aroma composition, two is moderate action, one is weak action, no arrow means neutral effect.

The scale of the aroma composition value index is now also available, where the total value is shown in the range from -10 to +10, where -10 is negative effect, 0 is compensated/neutral, and +10 is the most potent.

Oil blend effects are described in text format taking into account the current person's constitution and reflect possible reactions of the body. Please note that the individual characteristics of a person, existing diseases, and sensitivity to the components of essential oils should be taken into account.

With the updated Aroma Encyclopedia software module, you can easily create a personal list of recommended or prohibited essential oils, evaluate the effect of a specific aroma oil blend on the general condition of a person.

*This update will be available only if you have Constitution software module.

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