Release of the enhanced Diet Therapy module as part of the VedaPulse software update from 06/6/2022


In this new update of the VedaPulse software, new module functionality has been added andaccuracy has been optimized.

  • New section now available — Diet Constructor, which provides the ability to assess the effects of different cooking recipes in various conditions and diseases;
  • Now, graphics of the recipe effect on Dosha balance is added;
  • New index of the recipe benefits has been added;
  • New text content that is automatically generated after the assessmnet, describing the recipe effect on Doshas.

Diet Constructor

Now you have a tool to assess the overall effect of a recipe on a client’s constitution!

The Dosha balance graph reflects the effect of a recipe on a particular dosha in the form of the arrows of efficiency (going upwards and downwards), where three arrows mean a strongest (most beneficial) recipe, two - moderate, one arrow is weak, no arrow means neutral effect.

A scale of the recipe’s efficiency is also available, where effects are presented in the range from -10 to 10. -10 is negative /imbalancing effect, 0 is compensated/neutral, and +10 is the most efficient.

Products effect is presented in a text format with regards to current constitution, and reflect possible effects on the body. It is necessary to clarify that the individual characteristics of a person, existing diseases, and their sensitivity to the components of a recipe should be taken into account.

With the updated Diet Therapy software module, you can easily create a personal list of recommended or prohibited foods, evaluate the effect of a recipe on the client’s general condition.

*The Diet Constructor tab will be available only in the presence of the Constitution software module.

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