The Revolution in Reflexology


Personalized reflexology is a modern trend of traditional Chinese medicine in the world. In this particular case, a specialist gets the opportunity to use not only the “golden recipes” of acupuncture, which are a standard used everywhere, but an individual approach based on a person’s physiology.

Russian scientists have created expert hardware and software solution that allows you to automate the process of compiling acupuncture prescription taking into account 3 factors – patient’s disease, his physiological constitution and the functional state of organs and systems. Moreover, this solution is so easy to use that it can be even applied by those people, who are just starting to learn and practice reflexology.
VedaPulse pulse analysis, as a basis of this expert solution, assesses person’s constitution, state of the functional systems of the body and energy channels by analyzing heart rhythm. This method is reflects classical pulse analysis, transformed into modern technology.

Combination of traditional and modern approaches to the analysis of cardiac rhythm gives a reflexologist an ability to use traditional approach to the analysis of the 12 main meridians and the organs belonging to them, while creating a reflexology recipe. Thanks to it, reflexologists can rely on a scientifically recognized method of HRV during evaluation of recovery dynamics. This scientific recognition of the heart’s exceptional role in the regulation of functional systems of the body is extremely important.

The fact is that scientific recognition of reflexology goes very hard. Even its legal recognition occurred only within the scope of “traditional medicine”, which is not considered to be scientific and provable. That is, one can use it, but its effectiveness has not been proven scientifically. For us the fact of the effectiveness of reflexology cannot be questioned. This is proven by both centuries-old experience of traditional medicine, and our personal experience as well —people working with VedaPulse and its expert extensions verify it.

It is hard to convince people that the method is not proven, when there were multiple cases of modern medicine approaches failing to give any results and patients were suffering from heavy pains, but only after a first session of reflexology they felt like new men. There are tons of such cases!

But the real world is full of paradoxes. There is an awful lot of scientists with brilliant minds when it comes to the subjects allowed by “science”, but they are wearing blinders when it comes to understanding the experience of the traditional medicine.
In this paradoxical situation, the role of VedaPulse is unique. The power of VedaPulse lies in the combination of traditional and scientific approaches – not the opposition of one to another, but the synthesis of those two paths provides new opportunities for a researcher, and for physician practices as well.

Traditional knowledge, in particular reflexology, is a priceless gift of the ancestors. Scientific approach also reveals the incredible boundaries of knowledge. New opportunities can be opened as a result of such synthesis. These capabilities cannot be obtained if they are confined within the tradition or limited scientific knowledge. VedaPulse is the boiling point of two paradigms. Using algebraic analogy we can say it is not even adding to the possibilities of the two approaches, it is a square degree, the transition to a new level of knowledge.