VedaPulse software update, April 30, 2019


In the updated version, both functionality of the whole software and functionality of separate modules has been improved:
  • Design of the Conclusion (report) for all the expert modules of the software has been updated;
  • New option of pre-editing of reports for all the expert modules of the software;
  • In Herbal Encyclopedia and Aroma Encyclopedia, you are now able to add descriptions to the final reports;
  • VedaGenetics is now equipped with a separate report.
  • Quantum Therapy module is localized into Serbian;
  • Updates to Supplements Encyclopedia;
  • Algorithm of tri-dosha balance calculation is now optimized for the Constitution module.
To start using the new functionality, download the updated version of the VedaPulse software.

New design of the Conclusion:

All the expert modules of the program are now complemented with a new design of the reports. Now you can offer your clients reports in a graphic design and specialist data in a PDF format. For your convenience, we kept an option of saving reports in DOCX and RTF formats.

Pre-editing reports:

This update provides you with an option of pre-editing of the reports before presenting them to the clients. Now you can edit the description, as well as the methods of administration of the recommended products (or treatment), delete the ones you do not need, or adding new ones.

Update in the Aroma Encyclopedia and Herbal Encyclopedia modules:

The new structure of the report:

  1. The chosen nosology(-ies) is now displayed in the report.
  2. The list of the recommended products, ranged by the power of influence, is displayed.
  3. In Aroma Encyclopedia, the oils are now classified by aroma tones.
  4. The module is equipped with the detailed recommendations, administration methods and contraindications for each product, as well as the option of editing. Now you can choose the methods of usage of products that are more suitable for the client.
  5. In the “Important!” section you can now find general recommendations and rules for carrying out aroma- or herbal therapy.

In the general report, there is a new option of generation of a list of medicinal herbs and essential oils in a form of chart with the rated products from Herbal Encyclopedia and Aroma Encyclopedia.

In order to get your data in the report – fill out the Specialist card. This can be done by going to the Options menu.

VedaGenetics module received a separate report:

From the date of the update, users of VedaGenetics module are now able to form reports in PDF, DOCX and RTF formats, which include a ranged list of genes having the probability of preliminary or pathological polymorphism, detailed description of these genes and risks, associated with the given polymorphism. The report can be pre-edited before handing it over to a client.

Update for the Supplements Encyclopedia module:

Update to the Constitution module:

Calculation of the tri-dosha balance in low or high energy state (Total Power index) has been optimized.