Release of a new VedaPulse software module “Thermal therapy”. Software update, November 18, 2019


In the updated distributive of VedaPulse you get the optimized version of the current modules as well as the new functionality:
  • Now there is an option of attaching files to the client card (including a photo), put down commentaries to the assessment.
  • There is an option of exporting the client catalog to Excel file.
  • There was added a new module “Thermal therapy”
  • There was developed an option of automatic generation of the common assessment report.

To start using the new features of the program, download the Updates of VedaPulse®.

A new option of adding a client’s photo, files and comments to client cards.

Now you can add a photo of the client to the client card. Open the ‘Information’ tab, click ‘Add a photo’, choose the way of uploading the photo (upload the photo from your computer, smartphone or take a pic by using a webcam). If the photo has been already added before, you can replace it by clicking on it and choosing another one instead.

In the new version of the program you can attach files to the client card (anamnesis, X-ray and other scan images, test results, prescriptions). To do that, press ‘+’ in the ‘Information’ tab and upload the file from your computer. Later on, you would be able to open it in the program by double clicking. In case you edit or remove the initial file from your computer, it won’t affect the file, uploaded to the client card.

Now you can maximize the Comment field (to make it handy for texting, you can widen the field by double clicking)

A new option of exporting client catalog to Excel file.

The updated version of the program allows exporting client catalog data to Excel file for further saving and editing on PC. Now you can copy all the client data from the ‘Information’ tab (for example, height, weight, email etc.) at one click. For that, click on the ‘Patients’ tab in the top menu bar and choose ‘Data export’ in the popup menu.

A new module ‘Thermal therapy’:

‘Thermal therapy’ is a new software module for ‘VedaPulse Professional’ device. The module is developed to provide personified recommendations on the optimal temperature-humidity mode (‘comfort zone’) and the steaming mode for the steaming room with the consideration of the current psycho-physiological state of a person and his constitution features data, obtained by processing the cardiointervalogram recording.

‘Thermal therapy’ module is recommended for both - professional steamers practicing in thermals and SPA complexes, and for those fond of steaming, for carrying out health beneficial steaming procedures. The main innovation of this module is the algorithmic integration of hardware pulse diagnosis data with traditional and modern knowledge on the processes going on in a person’s body during steaming, which allows giving objective recommendations based on the individual features of a person’s health.

Automatic generation of the Report 

It is now possible to automatically form a general Report by clicking on the ‘Generate a report’ button. Thus, at one click, you can add the data of the selected modules to the general Report. Select the modules you want to insert into the auto-generated report in the ‘Settings/Report Settings’ tab. It is also possible to add reports of individual modules, for this you need to unfold additional bar of module icons by clicking on , and select the modules containing data you want to add to the general Report. Each icon is provided with a tooltip that pops up when you hover the cursor over the icon.