Update of the VedaPulse software, September 10, 2019


In the updated distributive of VedaPulse you get the optimized version of the current modules as well as the new functionality:
  • multi-level client catalogue
  • new module “Tongue diagnosis”
  • extended list of companies in the “Supplements” module
  • legend added to the Atlas tab of the “Organ pulses (Meridians)” module
Download the updated version of the VedaPulse® software to start using the new features.

Multi-level client catalogue

Meet the new structure of client ID cards and assessment files.

Due to the new option of multilevel arrangement of client cards and the assessment files, it is now possible to group the cards by folders. For example, you can put all the cards created at one particular day, month, year or event into one folder.

It is also possible to open several cards at one time, which allows browsing the list of all the assessments of each client you choose.

Drag several cards or folders into a separate root folder, or mass delete the files.

To do this, select the desired files and drag them to the folder or the Recycle bin accordingly.

Ctrl + click selects single folder, client card or assessment file. To selects several files, hold Ctrl and click the desired files.
Shift + click – multiple selection of folders/cards/assessments. Hold Shift, click the first and the last file in the list.

Deleting the files - after selecting one or several files, press Delete button to send them to the Recycle bin.

Recycle bin

Recycle bin is now available at the end of ID card catalogue. All deleted files are located in the Recycle bin. If necessary, the contents of the Recycle bin can be permanently deleted or restored.

A cross-patient data comparison in the module “Dynamics”

Before, it was only possible to compare the assessments within one patient’s card. The updated software allows comparing the assessments across two and more patients.

The module Tongue Diagnosis:

“Tongue diagnosis” is a new software module of the VedaPulse complex, which provides with complementary data on the health status of the patient by mapping of 23 zones of the tongue, basing on traditional approaches of Ayurveda, Tibetan and Chinese medicine. For the first time, the developers of the program brought together the methods of pulse and tongue diagnosis by the VedaPulse algorithms. Save photos of the patient’s tongue on your computer, analyze morphological changes and track the dynamics of the patient's condition.

The module “Tongue diagnosis”

Update for the Meridians module:

There was added a legend in the “Atlas” tab of the module “Organ Pulses (Meridians)”.

Update for the Supplements Encyclopedia module:

We added the products of a new company “Planet Ayurveda” into the module “Supplements”.