Results of the seminar on pulse analysis in Beirut, Lebanon 2019


On July 6-7, 2019 in Beirut (Lebanon) there was held an educational seminar on pulse diagnosis for specialists practicing traditional methods of healing in the Middle East. 25 participants from Kuwait, Oman, Syria, India, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon have successfully completed training in the basics of work with the VedaPulse device.

We thank our partners Milta company for the organization of the seminar, as the fifth annual seminar for specialists in traditional medicine in the Middle East is nothing but a result of their consistent and active work in this region.

Within the seminar, an author and developer of the VedaPulse technology, PhD, Oleg Sorokin presented his personally developed step-by-step instruction for interpretation of data provided by the device. Taking clinical cases from his personal practice as an example, Dr. Sorokin demonstrated the algorithm of analysis of the patient's condition with the help of such VedaPulse software modules as “Herbal Encyclopedia”, “Aroma Encyclopedia” and “VedaGenetics”.

At the practical part of the seminar, each participant learned to create personalized physiotherapy recipes using the “Quantum Therapy” software module of the VedaPulse complex. The participants of the seminar – physiotherapy practitioners - highly appreciated a VedaPulse option of creation of an individualized recipe – VedaPulse company is a leader in the field of personalized quantum physiotherapy approaches and provides the unique software options within this field.

Mr. Riad Chazbek, a director of Milta company and his colleagues consistently create and develop a VedaPulse community in their region. Thanks to their efforts, the method of instrumental pulse diagnosis becoming more popular among specialists of traditional medicine in the Middle East. Milta company is also planning to arrange the conference on holistic medicine with the presentation of the VedaPulse technology in the UAE in March next year.

We are thankful to all the participants of the seminar! Looking forward to new events!